Why People Still Not Able To Talk Freely About Their Infertility Problem?

Why People Still Not Able To Talk Freely About Their Infertility Problem?

Although studies have claimed that this ratio of infertile couple can be more as still there are people that do not want to talk about their infertility freely and even conceal from every on about it .

Many people including males and females that fel shy to talk about their infertility problem with others even with their close friends and relatives.

There can be following reasons for not to talk freely about infertility.

Feelings of embarrassment, shame, inadequacy

As per the collected data by the studies for analyzing the infertility problem 12 out of 100 women are coping up with this problem and even there is count for this problem that is silence and not ready to talk about this problem, alone.”

Both men and women feel embarrassment and shame while telling others about their infertility if men have fertility problem then they feel it as a hit on the masculine and women feel shame in telling others and even they feel themselves as cursed

Feel grief that accompanies infertility

Infertility is not only struggle for conceiving it is mental and physical struggle for the couple they feel themselves cursed due to this problem. Inability of having pregnancy break down the couple

Infertile couples feel that if we will talk about this problem then their grief and sadness will increase and even everyone will either make fun or give sympathy to them

People will say inappropriate things

Even men and women feel not free while taking about this problem with their relatives and friends. They think that people will think negative about them and will give sympathy to them

Some women feel awkward to talk about their weakness with others and they think that other women will talk abruptly with them.

Inferior feeling

People feel themselves inferior due to the curse they feel themselves as they are abundant by the God. Even the males thing that friends and relatives make fun of them and even they take this problem as the blemish for this problem of inability to give baby put question mark on their masculine feeling so they keep this problem inside. Even the women feel that other women will taunt them for this problem