Why there are increasing cases of PCOS and how to treat it


It is not an issue that depicts no signs and symptoms at an early stage, but rather in the late stages. Many women may never know that they are affected with PCOS and some others have never heard about the disease which puts their chances to conceive in danger. With the help of the internet, one can search about PCOS and weigh her chances of having PCOS depending on the signs and symptoms that she has. Even so, one must consult a doctor for further checkups and examinations.

PCOS is due to hormonal disorders which cause cysts to be formed within or outside the ovaries. These cysts enlarge and cause health issues in women. This problem is associated with hormonal imbalances and where estrogen and progesterone are out of balance and it is the male hormones i.e. androgens (testosterone) which is highly produced. This causes irregular periods or at times no periods.

The reasons for PCOS

The increasing cases of PCOS are mainly due to the following factors;

First and foremost, the general cause of PCOS is unknown. The causes that are commonly highlighted are based on genetic factors, environmental factors, and personal/ physical factors. Female sexual problems are caused by factors that lead to one major problem (infertility) and that is why it is better to watch your lifestyle and diet.


Genes may be carried on from one person to another in the family. PCOS are common in some women whose mothers experienced the same problem of PCOS. Likewise, for the case of unexplained infertility, it may be heredited.

Excessive androgens in the body

There are many factors that lead to excessive production of androgen a male hormone in a woman’s body. Insulin helps to convert sugar and starch into energy. In case the body fails to support this process, diabetes will occur which makes it hard for a woman to produce hormones for ovulation.

Low-grade inflammation

Women with low-grade inflammation have higher chances of acquiring PCOS because their bodies can’t fight infections effectively. Due to this problem, PCOS are facilitated to occur

To be on a safer side, a woman must consult a doctor in cases where she experiences excessive hair growth, especially in the facial region, feels weak, hardship in ovulating and irregular periods.


PCOS treatment in India is provided depending on the woman’s state. In this, if at all a woman desires to have a child immediately; infertility treatment must be offered to stimulate ovulation and the release of mature eggs. In case the woman is not in a rush to have children, PCOS can be treated with drugs to prevent the cysts from growing in the ovaries and to correct her menstrual cycle. If at all the treatment fails to work on the woman with severe PCOS, IVF treatment is preferred for her to conceive.

Women under treatment for PCOS are advised to cut down their weight through exercises and having proper diets. PCOS do not only occur in oversize women, but also in slim women so caution has to be taken in every woman’s lifestyle.