Women like Chrissy Teigen explain how devastating it was when the First IVF cycle Failed

Women like Chrissy Teigen explain how devastating it was when the First IVF cycle Failed

Many women like Chrissy Teigen have had to risk it all to undertake a journey of uncertainties and that is none other than IVF. According to many, they commonly come across inspiring IVF news but hardly know the intensity of effort, pain, loss, and finances it takes to finally have your own baby on the lap. With IVF, there are no guarantees and you even have to take a few more treatment rounds before you lastly conceive.

There is No Guarantee

According to IVF studies, more women experience failed IVF cycles, especially during the first treatment cycle and the actual cause is unknown. However, studies confirm that these women move ahead to attain pregnancy during the third IVF treatment cycle. The reason behind this also remains a myth, but the latest study indicates that the use of estradiol and progesterone hormones during the third IVF treatment cycle largely improves blood flow resulting in conception. 50% of women are more likely to become pregnant with this treatment according to studies.

In addition, fertility experts also confirm that most IVF treatments (first) don’t result in a live birth and according to a study conducted in 2015, only 26% of these IVF treatments resulted in a live birth using fresh non-donor eggs or embryos.

Possible Reasons

A number of factors can cause your first treatment cycle to fail and these include a diminished ovarian reserve, age, mistakes among other issues. According to IVF studies, older women, basically those aged 33 are more likely to experience at least 2 failed IVF cycles and in the real sense, they have a 21% chance of achieving pregnancy that can result in a live birth. Women aged above this will certainly meet more hurdles as they have a 17 % chance of attaining pregnancy that even does down to 10%, with an increase in age.

How to make things Work?

Drawing personal expectations from reality is extremely important for women or couples undergoing IVF treatment. Although a good number of women attain pregnancy during the third treatment cycle, a number of medical and non-medical approaches can be utilized to help a woman get pregnant during IVF treatment. These include supplements, physical exercises, finding ways to overcome physical and emotional stress, and prioritizing clinic appointments.