World Breastfeeding Week: Many known celebrities kickstarted breastfeed their infants

Many known celebrities kickstarted breastfeed their infants

World Breastfeeding Week is one of the annual celebrations which is held every year from August 1s to August 7th in over 120 countries. As per WHO, breastfeeding is an important method to protect child health and survival. Even when you visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab and after you have undergone the fertility treatment, you will be suggested to breastfeed your child for enough time. At Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre, one of the top-rated infertility clinic in Ludhiana also emphasize on the importance of breastfeeding for countless reasons which include:

  • Make people aware of the importance to protect breastfeeding
  • Make breastfeeding important for the public health
  • Be a part of organizations or make people aware of those who promote breastfeeding 
  • Taking right actions to promote breastfeeding to boost health

Well-known celebrities have kickstarted World Breastfeeding Week


Ekta Kaul

One of the known Actress Ekta Kaul shared an Instagram post showing how she is promoting women to breastfeed anywhere and anytime. The 34-year-old actress who is married to Sumeet Vyas welcomed her first child in May. 

On Sunday, she took to her Instagram and shared a beautiful picture with her son Ved. In the picture, she is seen wearing a red dress and holding the newborn as he consumed the mother’s milk. No doubt! The picture is fascinating in every sense. 

In the picture, she even mentioned a caption saying, “Happy breastfeeding week everyone. Let’s protect, promote and support breastfeeding if it’s your choice as a mother. And let’s support the right of women to breastfeed anywhere and at any time.”

Ekta Kaul fellow actors from the industry and her followers were awestruck by the post. Many of her fellow actors wrote, “What a beautiful picture?”, “That’s beautiful”, and much more. 


Mira Rajput

How can we forget Mira Rajput who is always known for her bold and vocal attitude? Most of the time she is seen sharing informative knowledge. Similarly, on the #worldbreastfeedingweek she also shared a post. 

In her post, she is seen hinting that her routine workout is all about focusing on her overall health. Moreover, she even talked about losing weight and breastfeeding on the occasion of Breastfeeding Week. 

The post is also about saying that new mothers should not put stress on themselves and take their motherhood journey with ease. Her post also mentioned, “Wait for 2 months or till the time milk supply is established itself before you try to lose weight.” Her post even mentioned, “Breastfeeding helps to burn 200 to 500 calories.”

Breastfeeding is important for newborns

There is no doubt, breastfeeding is important for newborns especially during the first 6 months. Doing so will help an infant to get all the essential nutrients they need for proper growth. Their initial growth and development are important, so every woman should focus on breastfeeding. 

As per WHO, “Breast milk is safe for infants. Mother’s milk is clean, safe, and packed with antibodies which helps to protect the infant against the common health issues which they are at increased risk of getting at an early age.”

Enjoy Breastfeeding Week!