Young Women Must Know Key Points

Young Women Must Know Key Points

These examinations include regular check-ups, blood tests and a couple of personal questions to determine their physical condition. However these tests are not so much reliable when it is about describing the health condition of a female because:

  1. Their body is young
  2. They take good diet that helps in healing and repairing their body fast

But experts recommend that an essential examination that shows crucial information about their fertility stage is absent in these regular tests therefore AMH test should be performed.

What is AMH Test?

AMH or Anti-Mullerian Hormone test helps determining fertility potential of a female that comes with various advantages:

  1. It evaluates the ovarian reserve of a female that is significant to decipher the magnitude of egg cells available.
  2. Females who want to have kids later can evaluate their fertility level and make plans accordingly.
  3. AMH test offers good index of ovaries performance

Need of AMH test

  1. Modern woman needs to meet the unreasonable expectations of the society
  2. She has to grow professionally without any compromise with personal life
  3. They need to perform great tasks in their lives and make high bank credit value to begin their family
  4. However the issues with them is that their body cannot harmonize with this kind of lifestyle when they reach their 30s
  5. They lose the quality of egg cells and their potential to get fertilize and develop an embryo reduces gradually.
  6. So when they become above 25 years old, they should get their AMH levels checked to decide if they are capable to delay pregnancy.
  7. Evaluating the stage of their ovarian reserve and its performance helps in determining the maximum period for which they can hold on their pregnancy and finally conceive naturally or get their healthy eggs frozen in the current time.
  8. So, they can realize if it is possible for them to use the frozen eggs to conceive their baby in case they become unable to produce healthy eggs in future.
  9. Another benefit of taking AMH test is that if it is performed on regular basis, the results can be tracked and evaluated to determine if any variation is noticed in female’s ovarian performance. By any chance, if it the variation is noticed, such as if ovarian reserve is degrading at fast rate, it will be shown by a reducing AMH levels in female’s body, then according to the results, doctors can suggest the desired action to be taken.

So, AMH test is a significant test that every working woman should undergo to retain their fertility power.

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