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How difficult is to choose the best IVF - fertility center in India

A Leading Center For IVF Treatment India

Dr Sumita Sofat Hospital (Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre): People take their time to understand a particular thing before choosing it, especially when opting for IVF treatment. It is not easy for them to blindly trust the 1st center they put their foot in.

Just like how people window shop, doctor shopping is a term that describes the patient’s satisfaction of meeting different doctors before opting for one.

And what is wrong with visiting various IVF Centre in Punjab? We believe the patient must be happy with what they are getting, as not every requirement would be similar.

But having different opinions about a similar thing could sometimes mess up the mind, which makes it essential for the patient to do their research and be wise while going further with their treatment with the Best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana.

These are some of the main reasons the patients like to doctor shop.

  • Impatience About The Need For IVF

Patients always have a second doubt whether they need IVF or not, which is why they go ahead with their decision to meet different doctors and learn whether their infertility could be treated with some simple procedure. It might be the fear of extensive surgery or a society’s restriction, but it delays the process to continue. Some myths about IVF treatment might have also built such an ideology within their mind. But do not worry; IVF is a safe treatment that could benefit you.

  • Cost Of The IVF Treatment

It is one of the primary reasons that lead the patient to the door of another hospital. Not many hospitals have transparency about the cost of the treatment, which makes the patient more doubtful about the procedure and the amount they have to shed. Comparing prices helps them understand the value of the package they are being provided. However, it is known that the cost might vary on different aspects, which makes it essential for the patient to look at it from all perspectives.

  • Success Rate Of IVF Center

Trusting anyone with such an extensive surgery would not be easy for many. This is why they learn about the success story of a particular clinic. Reading reviews and hearing real-life stories makes the patient’s mind calmer to give a thumbs up to the process. Visiting different doctors and clinics and gathering as much information as possible about the surgeon’s qualification and history of the hospital becomes an important factor before finalizing.


  • Taking References Or Advice From Family Members Or Friends

It is good that you as a patient would open up all kinds of options for yourself; however, taking advice would further divert your mind from the proper treatment. This is another reason why people often go out of their way to visit another doctor who is referred to them by some other people. Although it is good to take advice, do remember what your needs are at the end.

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