A Step-By-Step Explanation On The Procedures Of IVF Treatment


One of the most effective solutions for infertile couples is undergoing IVF treatment. If you struggle to conceive a child naturally, you can visit the Best Test Tube Baby Centre in Punjab. This way, you find several other options to help you overcome your infertility without complications.

However, IVF can be a very unpredictable process, wherein some women might get pregnant in the first IVF Cycle. While for others, it might take several to see a positive result. The outcome usually depends on the case and other factors such as the Individual’s age, lifestyle, general health, and other variables. Besides that, make sure to choose a clinic with a reputation for the Best IVF Results in Punjab to increase the chances of your success rate.  

How Long Does Each IVF Cycle Take?

It also includes the time period it might take to learn whether or not you are pregnant. Consult the best ivf doctor in Ludhiana to get further information on this topic.

What Is The Procedure Of Each Cycle?

These are the steps that typically happen in the IVF cycle.

  • Fertility medications to suppress the natural menstrual cycle

In this procedure, the doctor prescribes a fertility medication in order to suppress the menstrual cycle. It usually involves a drug name gonadotropin-releasing hormone analogs that help suppress or prevent your cycle. The doctor will recommend you take this medication daily for at least two weeks, either through injection or tablets.

  • Hormone injections to boost the supply of egg

After the medication suppresses the menstrual cycle, the doctor will prescribe you a fertility hormone known as follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). It comes in the form of an injection that you would have to take for around 10 to 12 days.

  • Ultrasound scans monitor the ovaries and check the progress

Throughout the course, your doctor will monitor you during the treatment. Your doctor might recommend you undergo some ultrasound scans and blood tests. After that, they will have a final hormone injection almost 34 to 38 hours before the doctor collects the eggs.

  • Collection of the eggs

It is one of the minor procedures in which the doctor retrieves the eggs from the ovaries. It usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes only. So you will be in and out of the clinic on the same day.

  • Fertilization of the eggs

The doctors mix the retrieved eggs along with the sperm in the laboratory for fertilization. 16 to 20 hours later, the professionals will check if the sperms fertilize the eggs or not. After fertilization, the eggs will continue to grow in the lab for at least up to 6 days.

  • Embryo transfer

It is the final step of the IVF cycle and one that would indicate if you will receive a positive result or not. Almost six days after fertilization, the doctor will collect them and then transfer them back into the womb for the natural childbirth process.

Final Comments

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