Are bodybuilding protein and testosterone supplements are harmful to male fertility?

Are bodybuilding protein and testosterone supplements are harmful to male fertility

There are many studies about bodybuilding proteins and supplements, for example, Evlution Nutrition Evltest which is a testosterone supplement, BCAA, optimum nutrition gold, and Amino acid powder. These supplements are responsible for male infertility.

Many people do not know the exact reason behind infertility. And they generally buy bodybuilding supplements in order to build muscles. Moreover, some men choose these products to overcome stress. But these products are harmful to the body as well as fertility. Many physicians recommend testosterone supplements for different reasons. One study reveals the truth that men who are habitual to take these supplements have a low sperm count. Low sperm count treatment includes such type of surgeries for men. Many people are unable to afford the nil sperm count treatment, due to higher rates.

Testosterone in men

Testosterone is a male hormone developed at a high level in males. Whereas in ladies, it is less. This hormone is in charge of the improvement of the male reproductive system. In addition, it is useful to promote the growth of muscles and bone mass. That’s why many people go with infertility treatment.

Low levels of testosterone in a man lead to reduced sexual drive and bone loss. It is the principle reason why a majority of people take testosterone supplements. Moreover, consuming high levels of testosterone is not the best treatment approach.  Many natural and herbal treatments are effective to increase the testosterone levels in the human body. For example, fewer sugars, zinc, proper rest, and potassium sources are helpful for the development of testosterone in the body.

Side-effects of Testosterone supplements

The main side effect of testosterone supplements in males is Gynecomastia. There are various other side effects of testosterone is decreased sperm production, blood clots, heart problems, and testicular shrinkage.

Testosterone supplements and Male infertility

Many fertility specialists are not in the favor of testosterone intake, generally in reproductive age. The associate these supplements to be a reason for male infertility.  Anyway, much testosterone supplements can support sex drive and treat hypogonadism. You should converse with your specialist for different medications other than testosterone.

Treatment of Male infertility

Male fertility is treated in various ways. Those looked with a low sperm check after testosterone supplement utilization can stop the supplement to facilitate increased sperm generation. Male infertility treatment includes a physical exam, semen analysis, genetic test, hormone testing, testicular biopsy, and sperm function test. Male infertility sometimes can be treated with the help of drugs. Many treatments include surgeries, injections, hormone treatments and medications, IVF treatment. These are the best and successful methods to cure male infertility problem. In any case, you should converse to your doctor and ask about treatment options. He will tell you about all the infertility treatment and recommend you the best according to your problem.

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