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Azoospermia—Male Infertility

Azoospermia is the issue of male fertility referred as no sperm count. It is complete lack of sperms in the ejaculation. Studies have shown that 5% infertile men are suffering from this problem. This condition can be due to problem in the sperm production or due to the blockage that lead to problem of reaching the ejaculation even after the normal production of sperms.

Classification Of Azoospermia


Pretesticular Azoospermia: It is characterized by inadequate stimulation even having normal testicles and genital tract. Basically low level of follicle stimulation hormone causes the inadequate stimulation of the tests.
Testicular Azoospermia: In this condition tests are not normal, and sperm production is absent. This condition is common with the male having problem of Azoospermia. Causes of this problem can be congenital issues and some genetic conditions. It may be caused by traumatic surgery , cancer, radiation or some infection.
Post testicular Azoospermia: Generally 50% men are suffering from this condition that is suffering from Azoospermia. In this condition sperms are produced but not ejaculated. Main cause for this condition is the physical obstruction of the post testicular genital tracts.
Idiopathic Azoospermia : It is the condition in which there is not any specific factor is responsible for it means it is result of risk factors like age, weight.


This condition is detected in the course of infertility investigation. Firstly the IVF experts try to know the root cause of this problem by having the information related to exposures, past surgeries, medications and family history. After the collection of information the physical examination is done by the doctors then blood test is also taken that include the testosterone and follicle stimulating hormone. After that two semen samples are taken with the standardized semen analysis. In case of male infertility with no sperm then the semen sample is taken for additional evaluation in which semen sample is centrifuged and spun. If there is even one sperm in the pellet analysis then the conditions of reproductive tract obstruction are disapproved. This analysis enable the doctor that there is no blockage if after centrifuged even one sperm is found. In few cases if there is no clear reason comes in front then the testis is examined and even testis biopsy can also be performed under local anesthesia.

Sofat Treatment For Azoospermia

The condition of pre and post testicular Azoospermia are correctible but the testicular is usually permanent one. The men with this problem may resume with the sperm production after the treatment of hyperprolactinemia and the men whose production of sperm is suppresses due to exogenous androgens they can resume the production of sperm after the cessation of androgen intake. Even in the condition of when the testes are normal but do not simulate or simulation is inadequate then the Gonadotropins therapy can be used to resume the sperm production. Even after this problem of male factor infertility it is possible to get pregnant for women due to revolutionary methods of IVF and ICSI in India. In Sofat infertility clinic couples suffering due to Azoospermia can realize their dreams of having their baby as in ICSI IVF not only the success chances of treatment increase but also the safe and quality treatment can be taken at justified cost. Experienced Dr. Sumita Sofat examines the patient carefully and then positively work for the feasible outcomes that lead to pregnancy even after Azoospermia.