Are home pregnancies to be taken by the females conceived through IVF?

When to check pregnancy

When a couple undergoes fertility treatment from some famous IVF Centre in Punjab to address either the male or the female issues, then it is quite natural for them to be curious to know if the test has come out to be successful or not. But the gynaecologist in Punjab prefers them not to take up any test until the doctor suggests they do.

It is because hCG is the kind of hormone-based on whose presence it is determined whether the female is pregnant or not.

But, it does not show up as soon as the female has conceived. It may take some time to show up, and checking for pregnancy thus will lead to negative results. As a consequence of which you will feel tense. And being stressed or tense is not a conducive condition for the baby.

How much time does it take to know whether you are pregnant after IVF or not?

In the case of many patients, it is the fertility doctors who should only be considered for the pregnancy confirmation. It does not take more than 12 to 14 days for a woman to successfully conceive once the embryo transfer is done.

Why does not the indication of the successful conception show up early?

Once the embryo transfer is done, it becomes extremely necessary for the embryo to get attached to the lining of the uterus. This thing is necessary for embryo development. No sooner than it has attached than the embryo will either remain there or get developed into the uterus.

Patients are called to the Fertility clinic

For the confirmation of the pregnancy, the couples are required to pay a visit back to the fertility clinic. The fertility experts will carry out an in-office blood test to know the results of the pregnancy.

No doubt, the in-office pregnancy procedures seek for the presence of the hCG to confirm the pregnancy.

Did you know?

hCG is one of the pregnancy hormones which is found in only the blood of pregnant women.

But it takes a period of absolutely two weeks for this hormone to show its emergence.

Why is it suggested to not make use of the At-Home Pregnancy tests after IVF?

The use of At-home pregnancy tests can lead to either false positives or false negatives. With these results, the emotions of the people are attached. And so the falsified results can either make them feel elated or unhappy.

Imagine a situation

That you are pregnant, but the test has shown false results and seeing the negative results you get so stressed that the pregnancy gets terminated itself.

I am sure that nobody wants to be in that kind of situation. Right?

So it is always and always better to wait for the results of the official pregnancy to come.

Final Comments!

We want a promise from all our IVF patients, that they will not check the pregnancy on their own unless it is suggested by the doctor. We do not want the procedure to emerge as a failure because of haste.