Busting Common Myths About Infertility And Its IVF Treatment


There are many people who are suffering from the issue of infertility in India. It is a prominent issue that many people often neglect due to the associated social stigma. People hesitate to discuss the issue openly to find the right solution.

Hence they often get information from unauthorized places. So, it is quite normal to have several myths surrounding the topic of infertility.

What Are The Common Myths And Misconceptions Of Infertility And Its Treatment?

We are going to talk about some of the most common misconceptions that people have gathered about infertility and IVF treatment. For better knowledge, we highly advise you to visit our best ivf doctor in ludhiana.

  • Myth 1: Only the wife is responsible for infertility

It is one of the most baseless myths that is going on for quite some time. Most people, especially from the older generation, accuse women of infertility even before the check-up. The chances are 50-50 between the husband and the wife. In fact, in many cases, both husband and wife are equally responsible for the lack of pregnancy. Find out the real cause of infertility and fight the battle together for the Best IVF Results in Punjab. Undergo all the examinations to detect the cause of infertility.

  • Myth 2: If the first pregnancy was natural, there are fewer chances of having difficulty during the second conception

Many people do not consult a fertility expert before they try for a second child. They seem confident that there will be no problem leading to pregnancy after having their first child. But that is not the case in each situation. There are many health issues such as endometriosis and tuberculosis that might affect you after the first pregnancy and cause difficulty in the second conception. This is the reason why we highly recommend you to have a timely consultancy with our infertility experts.

  • Myth 3: IVF Treatment is a painful experience

Most of the time, people neglect this option, because of the misconception that IVF treatment will cause pain and complications. But the fact is entirely different. It is one of the most common myths about IVF that is absolutely not true. With modern technology, IVF treatment is more patient-friendly and convenient. The injections that the doctor injects are technically very fine needles that do not lead to much pain. Besides that, they are also very similar to the insulin injections that diabetes patients receive throughout their life. Hence, to think that IVF is a painful expense is a wrong notion. It is extensive but not painful.

  • Myth 4: There are serious side effects with hormonal injections

Many people have this preconceived notion that IVF injections cause many side effects. But it is less of a concern and more of a myth. IVF injections do not technically have a long half-life hence it automatically excretes out of the body soon. Having careful monitoring at the time of the IVF procedure will also minimize the minor side effects.

Final Comments

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