Types of IVF Treatments And The Procedure of HSG Treatment

Who Needs An HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)

IVF has become the best treatment and most common treatment. It is a complex process. It involves taking eggs from ovaries. It combines with sperm in a lab for fertilization. After fertilization, the fertilized egg is placed inside the uterus. The full form of the In-vitro-fertility.  IVF treatments are done at the IVF Centre in […]

Is the HSG test Painful as Compared to the Period’s Pain?

Who Needs An HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)

An HSG test, short for Hysterosalpingography, is a special X-ray used to check if a girl’s or woman’s fallopian tubes are open and to see the shape of the uterus. This test is often done at an IVF centre in India to help doctors understand a person’s fertility. During the HSG test, a special dye […]

Understanding the HSG Test: Meaning and Importance

Who Needs An HSG (Hysterosalpingogram)

There are a number of diagnostic procedures and tests that can be used to evaluate and treat potential problems with fertility and reproductive health. The HSG is one such examination that is essential for assessing the female reproductive system. If your partner experiences an infertility condition, consider ICSI Treatment in Punjab. This treatment helps to enhance […]

A Closer Look at Impressive ICSI Success Rates


When couples face challenges with conception, advanced IVF techniques like Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) can offer expectations. With great achievement rates, ICSI has altered the field of fertility treatment. In this blog post, we will investigate the remarkable success rates of ICSI, revealing insight into its adequacy in assisting couples with accomplishing their dream of […]

Male infertility is a common concern as it accounts for 50% of infertility cases

Most Prevailing Situations

Male Infertility – Don’t Sleep On It To Make Decision One of the researches has shown that male infertility accounts for 50% of infertility cases. What’s important is that individuals struggling to conceive on their own for a long time need to consult the best gynaecologist in Ludhiana to help the situation get back to […]

Low Sperm Count: Its Common Factors And IVF With ICSI Treatment

IVF With ICSI Treatment For Low Sperm Count

When a couple decides to further extend their family by welcoming a baby, it is not easy for them. They experience a wide range of emotions only to be repeatedly met with negative pregnancy results. This causes them to feel heartbreak, shame, and even frustration. Moreover, it is also very important for couples facing infertility […]

The ultimate guide to the fertility procedures – ICSI, MNSP and PICSI

The ultimate guide to the fertility procedures - ICSI, MNSP and PICSI

Many fertility procedures are there, which helps the couples to experience the happiness of being blessed with the healthiest baby. A test tube baby centre in Punjab is helping such couples to experience the joy of being happy parents. So in today’s blog, we shall be discussing the variegated fertility procedures  carried out at IVF […]

What is ICSI fertility treatment? What are the top facts about the ICSI?

Interesting facts about ICSI treatment

Most of the time when a couple visits the IVF centre to consult about the fertility treatment, both of the partners are diagnosed with infertility. In such cases, to improve the chances of conception the couple is recommended the treatment of IVF along with ICSI. How does ICSI procedure work? In the ICSI procedure, a […]

शादी के 14 साल बाद इक्सी (ICSI) तकनीक से एक साथ दिया 3 बच्चो को जन्म: डॉ. सुमिता सोफत

14 साल बाद इक्सी (ICSI) तकनीक से एक साथ दिए 3 बच्चो को जन्म: डॉ. सुमिता सोफत

नयी तकनीकों की बदौलत बांझपन के इलाज में सफलता दर बड़ी: डॉ. सुमिता सोफत पंजाब, लुधियाना: हालही में जालंधर गिल गांव के रहने वाले सरबजीत कौर और उनके पति बलविंदर सिंह 14 साल से औलाद का सुख प्रापत के लिए बहुत संघर्ष केर रहे थे और 2 बार अन्य हस्पतालो में भी इलाज करवाया परन्तु […]