Decoding the Semen Analysis: What Your Sperm Count and Motility Mean

What are the tips given by fertility experts to boost the sperm count

Everybody wants happiness in their lives. Couples experience changes in their lives after getting married. But the biggest factor they come across is the pressure to become parents. Parents, grandparents, and other relatives would pressurise them to hear the good news.

However, there are some factors that hamper the quality of producing a child despite not having any contraceptive measures or condoms while having intercourse. This is the biggest symbol of infertility.

We need to know that human life starts in the uterus when healthy sperm from the male partner fertilises with an egg present in the fallopian tube, which forms the embryo.

In this blog, we will study the parameters prescribed by the best IVF Centre in Punjab that will ensure that the semen from the male partner is healthy enough for successful fertilisation and pregnancy.

Minimum Parameters To Be Followed To Ensure A Healthy Semen

  • Volume: The finest IVF experts tell us that there must be at least 1.5 millilitres of semen per ejaculate. They also suggest that a low volume of semen can indicate problems with ejaculation and sperm production.
  • pH levels: Normally, the pH levels of semen should be around 7.2-7.8. A better pH level can support the motility and survival of the sperm. An acidic pH level can hamper its functioning.
  • Sperm Concentration: There should be a minimum of around 39 million sperm per millilitre of ejaculate. The amount of minimum sperm count is also required to be the same as mentioned above. The concentration of sperm directly impacts the chances of sperm reaching the eggs for the fertilisation process.
  • Motility: The most trusted IVF Centre in Punjab has divided this term into two parts: Progressive motility, which should be around at least 40% and non-progressive motility, which should be up to 60%. It should be made sure that the sperm should not be immotile by 40% or more. This phenomenon is crucial for the sperm to travel through the female reproductive tract and reach the egg.
  • Morphology: According to the Best IVF Centre in Srinagar, at least 4% of the sperm should have a normal shape with an oval-shaped head, smooth neck, and tail that is intact. Abnormal sperm morphology can affect the sperm movement and ability to fertilise.
  • Vitality: The sperm should be at least 58% alive, which ensures that it fertilises an egg with due effect.
  • Viscosity and Ability to Liquefy: The sperm should be thick enough to hold its shape and become liquid within 30 minutes. If your sperm is experiencing excessive viscosity, it will not move effectively. Whereas, delayed liquefaction can lower their viability.
  • Agglutination: There should be no sperm clumping present as it can restrict its movement and fertilisation process.
  • White Blood Cells: Your semen should contain less than 1 million white blood cells per millilitre. If it is higher than the prescribed amount, it may indicate any infection or inflammation.


There are many things prescribed by the Best IVF Centre in Srinagar, which will help us to identify the condition of the semen. 

It is important for us to ensure the semen meets all the parameters mentioned above to ensure proper fertilisation, successful pregnancy and healthy childbirth. 

For further help, you can always consult us and find the best solutions to start a beautiful family and experience the bliss of parenthood.