Increase the chances to become a parent Through ERA

Infertility is one kind of disorder that happens in both males and females. It can occur for various reasons, such as age, genetics, and reproductive health issues. At this time, IVF treatment can help to cure their infertility and help them to fulfill their dream of becoming a parent. Before giving a treatment, experts diagnose women’s reproductive health through tests. IVF procedures include various methods to treat reproductive health issues. One of them is ERA. 

It is tests that help to figure out the issues in your uterus and implantation issues. Often, three cycles of IVF procedure can help a couple become a parent. If it fails, then experts recommend an ERA test. If you undergo IVF treatment but do not get pregnant, then you need to revisit the IVF Centre in Jalandhar and consult your concerns. When IVF procedures are unsuccessful, doctors recommend ERA. Here are some guidance for ERA, such as:

ERA ( Endometrial Receptivity Array)

ERA stands for Endometrial receptivity array. It is a diagnostic test. In which fertility experts identify the uterus lining for embryo transfer. This test is done when your 3 IVF procedures fail; then experts search for the reason for failure through the ERA test.

This test evaluates the uterus lining so that the time is perfect for embryo implantation. It may help to reduce the risk of implantation failure. 

Reason for opting for ERA tests 

ERA test is recommended for those patient who fail IVF treatment in 3 cycles:

  • 2 IVF treatments fail with donor eggs  
  • When patients have thin endometrium

Procedure Of Test

In the ERA test, experts do not give anesthesia doses. ERA tests may be conducted without anesthesia. ERA tests may be conducted in the doctor’s office. Before testing, experts gave a progesterone supplement for five days. It is a hormone that plays important roles in the embryo and uterus lining. After 5 days, experts take sample tissues for testing. This diagnostic test takes four weeks from the beginning to the end. In which experts identify the uterus lining condition through biopsy. A biopsy can help to know the expert that the time is right for embryo implantation. 

Benefits Of ERA Test 

ERA test is helpful for those couples who have multiple IVF failures or more than 3 unsuccessful implantations. Undergoing this test can help increase the chances of pregnancy and healthy birth. This test has no medical side effects. This test can help experts to determine the right time for implantation. If, after taking this test, you are not able to get pregnant. It means you have another reason for Treatment failure.An ERA is a diagnostic test that is helpful in identifying the problems in the uterus lining and also offers information about the right time of embryo implantation; when your embryo sticks with the uterus, that may increase the chances for women to get pregnant if you are struggling with infertility because of poor-quality eggs or irregular menstrual cycles. Visit Dr Sumita Sofat IVF Hospital, the Best IVF Centre in Patiala, where couples get the latest treatment for their reproductive issues.