Does Birth Control Affect Your Fertility Later in Life?

Does Birth Control Affect Your Fertility Later in Life

These days every couple want to have the baby only when they are finally strong and stable so that they could give their baby a better future so they try to prevent the pregnancy in many ways. For postponing their babies they need to postpone their pregnancy so for this purpose women go for many birth control methods like pills.

Although, women choose the birth control pills to postpone their family plans they always remain a concern that are these pills or birth control methods safe? Whether these pills affect adversely to their fertility in the later life when they will plan to have their babies? So let us try to find out the answers to these questions with some deep discussion about the birth control

What are different birth control methods?

Well, for postponing your pregnancy plans there can be some following ways including hormonal or non hormonal for the females and the working and effects of these methods can vary in different women according to age, overall health and fertility level

Hormonal birth control

These are the methods that can prevent the women from pregnancy by adding some hormonal release in the body due to which ovulation can be managed. Following are some hormonal birth control methods.

  1. Birth control pills
  2. Intrauterine Device or IUD
  3. Vaginal ring

Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Following are some hormonal free methods of postponing the pregnancies 

  1. Tubectomy or tubal ligation
  2. Fertility Awareness Methods including natural techniques of birth control
  3. Copper IUD
  4. Barrier Methods including diaphragms, sponges, cervical caps, condoms
  5. Spermicide
  6. Spermicide

Birth control and fertility

Most of the researches and infertility treatment experts have cleared that birth control does not cause any type of infertility however there are some misconceptions that the birth control pills cause infertility but all these are just myths but the actual fact is that these pills do not become the cause of infertility in women but can be reason for postponing the restarting of the ovulation after discontinuing them.

When women take the pills to postpone their pregnancies then these pills add some hormones in the body that cover the ovulatory issues but these alterations on the body may become the cause of the increase in body weight and stress due to which the menstrual cycle of women can get affected.

Moreover, there are some other factors that can affect adversely to the fertility of women which are not related to the birth control pills like when the couple plan to postpone their pregnancy then the age of women can be 20 to 30 but when in the later years they plan their baby then the age of women can be more than 30 so the increased age of women can also be the factor that can affect the quality and quality of eggs of women.

It is true that hormonal contraceptives can have some side effects for the females but infertility is not their feature means they do not cause infertility among women. Studies have shown that when the women take birth control pills then their hormonal balance can get disturbed so when they stop taking the pills and want to get pregnant then this imbalance of hormones take some time to get settled so for some time their pregnancy plans can be delayed, it means they have to wait for some time to return to their fertility but do not become infertile.


If you are also using some birth control methods then you must understand that the working of different methods is different and But these methods can give you relaxation of some time to prevent pregnancies but cannot stop you to get pregnant in later years.  Different methods of postponing babies can affect your overall health and there can be chances of some side effects in the long term but these methods cannot make you infertile. But you must use the appropriate method for a specific period of time only after the recommendation of the specialist so that you could safely enjoy family planning and could return to your fertility easily after some years as per your choice.