Effect of diet and lifestyle on Fertility Level

Effect of diet and lifestyle on Fertility Level

When a woman is trying to conceive whatever she eats or does will affect the fertility level greatly. Ideally, the woman should eat the right kind of food so that her fertility level is best. In this guide, we are going to mention in detail the effect of diet and lifestyle on fertility level.

How do food choices affect the fertility level?

If you eat anything in excess it will leave an effect on your health. People need to be extremely careful because overconsumption or excess can result in negative effects on the body. The best way is to understand how fertility will impact women’s chances to conceive. The focus needs to be given exercise and what kind of food you eat.

Well, this needs to be kept in mind even for the women who are undergoing the treatment of IVF. When you visit the IVF centre, the fertility expert will give you the IVF diet which you need to keep in mind.

Regular exercise and a proper diet will help you go through a safe pregnancy. It might be difficult to understand when good habits turn into bad ones. The fitness regime you follow will enhance your fertility level. No doubt, people are health conscious but the diet they are following is right. When the diet is not proper this will reduce the conception chances.

Is too much exercise harmful?

When it comes to following the exercise regime, too much of it can be different for every person. You need to keep in mind what type of exercise regime is hardcore or vigorous for you.

If you exercise barely even in that case the fertility will get impacted. So, make sure you follow a fitness regime that will affect your health. When you do not exercise it can result in lack of sleep or severe body ache

If you exercise too much then ovulation might not occur in the same manner as fertility is impacted. So, when you are planning to get pregnant you need to stick to a moderate routine instead of following higher intensity workouts.

What are the types of moderate exercise regime?

  •   Yoga
  •   Swimming
  •   Cycling
  •   Dancing
  •   Walking

Do not follow an unhealthy diet

People think that if they are in good shape it means they are fit. But, crash dieting can impact fertility adversely. Your diet is an important reason for fertility. So, you should avoid:

  • Genetically modified foods as they impact fertility.
  • Avoid food items that contain synthetic hormones.

When you follow a healthy diet, your body can get the right amount of antioxidants which makes the egg and sperm healthier. Increase the consumption of organic food as they boost fertility. If you need more guidance, then visit our fertility expert for detailed information.