IVF Diet Guidelines To Increase The Success Rate

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Fertility diet includes the food that is required to enhance the egg and the sperm quality.

Benefits of the good fertility diet

  • Good food will help you to build the good lining of the uterus in order to house the baby,
  • Balanced food helps you to provide the good hormones for the reproduction.
  • Good food also supports the healthy pregnancy.


A recent study has shown that certain foods are beneficial to improve to increase the success rate of the sperm.

  1. Lots of the water: Traditional persons believe that water aids all the problems. Many of the women don’t realize that they are dehydrated. Most of the fertility experts recommended that women must drink pure water. It is advisable that taking at least 8 glasses of the water will help you to heal all types of the problem.
  2. Fats: Fertility experts recommended that women should avoid saturated fats but the eating of the unsaturated fats and fatty acids are very beneficial for the body. Unsaturated foods and fatty acids are responsible to digest the nutrients contained in the food you eat.
  3. Protein: Proteins are important to produce the hormones and eggs in the body. Hormones and eggs are the vital components for the reproduction. One should eat 60 grams of the proteins in one day. This should preferably include fish, eggs and low-fat meats. If you are vegetarian, you should take nuts, legumes etc.
  4. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the villains of the diet. No doubt, carbohydrates are the fuel of the daily activities. One should eat plenty of the fruits, whole grains and honey that will help you to generate energy for the daily routines.
  5. Fresh produce food: A healthy diet involves the fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts etc that are organically grown. Eating of the fresh produce food will also increase your reproductive health.
  6. Organic food: Organic food is the food that is free from the chemicals and pesticides. It is advised by the best IVF centre in Delhi that one should eat organic foods. If you don’t consume organic food that it will have negative effects on your reproductive hormones.
  7. ZINC: Zinc is the most important for the IVF diet. It is advisable to consume at least 15mg of the zinc daily to improve the reproductive health. Zinc is essential to regulate the male and female hormone levels. The food that is rich in Zinc is meat, nuts, beans, dairy products, potatoes and the whole grain.


    • Experts recommended that soy products should be avoided which contains an estrogen-like quality that decreases the chances of fertility.
    • Don’t take drinks’ that contain non-natural sugars and GMO foods.
    • Reduce your intake of the caffeine like tea, coffee, cola or chocolate.
    • Avoid drinking alcohol. This increases the excretion of the fertility nutrients like folic acid and zinc. These are considered to be a toxic substance that increases the cases of infertility. The best IVF treatment in India is provided in the Sofat hospital that provides you with every guideline for the successful execution of the IVF cycles.