Egg Donation Leads to Complete Happy Family

Egg donation leads to complete happy family

It has given many benefits to the couples deprived from the parenthood one of its advantage is egg donation. During the normal IVF cycle many egg are removed from the uterus in order to increase the chances of pregnancy with the multiple choices for implanting embryo. Cycle ends with the implantation of the healthiest embryo so unused eggs and embryos are frozen for the donation or for the future use of the couple

So the women that could not produce the high quality eggs can get IVF procedure with the donor eggs

According to IVF experts the practical approach for using the donor eggs do not affect the results of treatment even with these eggs women can get pregnant successfully

How eggs are preserved for donation

Eggs are preserved carefully so that quality of eggs can be retained even after long time. Water of the eggs is replaced with the anti freeze fluid so that these can be prevented from the crystallisation even after long time.

For the successful IVF cycle these eggs are used for fertilization with the male partner sperm and developed embryos are transferred in the uterus with some treatments for the preparation of uterus for pregnancy.

Why donor eggs

There are many reasons to choose the IVF treatment with donor eggs

  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Timely menopause but desire for baby
  • Poor response to ovarian simulation
  • Poor ovarian reserve
  • Age more than 40
  • bilateral oophorectomy
  • severe polycystic ovaries syndrome
  • high levels of Anti-thyroglobulin , Anti-microsomal thyroid antibodies and Anti-ovarian