Embryo Transfer: Top professional tips for the success of embryo transfer

Embryo Transfer Success Tips

Embryo Transfer – One of the important steps in IVF treatment.

All those couples who are undergoing or going to start the IVF cycle at the best IVF Centre in Punjab should keep their patience and not stress about anything. Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre, one of the best fertility clinic in Ludhiana, is there to make your IVF journey hassle-free and the best in every way possible. Dr. Sumita Sofat, one of the best fertility doctors, has been treating infertile couples with advanced and modern methods. In this blog, we have mentioned the top tips to make embryo transfer successful.

Topmost tips to make embryo transfer a success

Tip 1: Make sure to always choose the experienced doctor

To make sure your treatment plan is customized as per your condition, you need to choose the best fertility doctor. No doubt, it is the doctor who will be there by your side taking care of your health and giving the best care you deserve. From the initial evaluation to doing the ultrasound, all the steps in the IVF cycle are of utmost importance and only the best fertility doctor can do it like a pro.

Tip 2: Get a mock transfer

Is it possible to do a mock transfer? YES! You can choose to get a dummy run to better analyze the entire situation. Through the mock transfer, it will be easier to evaluate the uterine cavity, check for the potential barriers, and it will be known whether an alternative catheter has to be used. So, make sure that you get it done.

Tip 3: Say ‘NO’ to Hydrosalpinx

You need to say a big NO to hydrosalpinges. It is a type of fluid that is present in either one or both the fallopian tubes which occurs due to STD or endometriosis. This fluid has the property of affecting the success of the IVF cycle. If it goes to the uterus then there is a high chance of embryo transfer turning into a disaster. This is the reason ultrasound has to be done.

Tip 4: Make sure to get the test done

If the clinic you choose is not in the favor of getting the pre-treatment test done, then you should not proceed with treatment from there. Here are different tests which are essential to carry out like hormone profiling, hormone testing like prolactin and TSH, semen analysis, and transvaginal scan.

Tip 5: Multivitamins are important

You have to take the multivitamins as suggested by the doctor. Intake of these is the major reason the birth defect’s chances are reduced. So, make sure that you take them every day at least for 3 months before the embryo transfer. Always make sure that you discuss with the doctor first and take these under their supervision.

Tip 6: 2 embryo transfer over the age of 40

If you are above 40, then discuss with the doctor about getting 2 embryo transfers. No doubt, the doctor is going to consider everything like your age, embryo quality, and your medical history. So, talk to the doctor about which approach is ideal to get.

Additional tips for embryo transfer success

  • Bed rest is not required after the embryo transfer
  • Control your stress level and anxiety
  • Better take care of your overall health

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