Emotional Fight after Pregnancy Loss

Emotional fight after pregnancy loss

Pregnancy loss is no doubt one of the most difficult station for the journey of parenthood  that bring the hard experiences for would be parents to endure, the emotional stress caused by miscarriage can be hard to heal. Extent of this Pain after this great loss of dream baby is difficult to understand even for the doctors.

One may be engulfed with the following emotions after miscarriage

  1. Guilty is the first feeling that enters into mind and heart after loss. Parents feel themselves responsible for this mishappening.
  2. Anger can also be on high peaks as mothers feel that why only they are chosen for the loss
  3. Extreme sorrow can be seemed in both the parents after unwanted pregnancy loss even they feel themselves as cursed by God
  4. Confusions for the answers of uncounted questions regarding the miscarriage can be other emotions that take shelter in couple’s mind.
  5. Feeling exhausted after the loss is quite obvious women feel tired and lethargic after this tragic incident
  6. Parents remain for sometime in great shock and even feel numb as it becomes hard for them to believe that they have lost their child.
  7. Depression is also caused after miscarriage in extreme cases women that feel more anxious and could not gain power to fight with this sadness fell into darkness of depression

How to cope up?

According to IVF experts it is quite obvious to face difficulty in coping with this tragedy but with support and courage this hard time can be tackled.  Even after miscarriage woman can conceive successfully.

First thing to do for couple is to accept the reality as soon as they will accept this bitter truth it will be easy for them to come out of it.  Partners can go for counseling after this loss especially women need this for emotional strength so that she can collect courage to replan for pregnancy.

After multiple miscarriages women can even go for IVF treatment for successful and safe pregnancy.