Fear of Accidents for Would Be Mothers

Fear of accidents for would be mothers

But some time unexpected situations make would be woman scare and anxious for their happy pregnancy.

These situations can be tripling on something slippery, getting injury or hurt on abdominal area due to accidents and other similar mishappening.

As per the IVF experts these unexpected injuries or accidents can direct the pregnancy at risk.

High risk with following complications

  • Fetus can be injured specially on head due to accidents
  • In case of road accidents , sudden break of vehicle can lead to contra coup injuring that consequences with concussion or heavy blow and even cause internal bleeding
  • Even can slower down the growth rate of baby in womb
  • Labor complications
  • Placenta abruption
  • miscarriage
  • Premature birth
  • Mental trauma for would be mother
  • Cause stress and high BP
  • Pre-eclampsia

Consult your doctor after accident

According to IVF specialists above complications can be prevented even after the accidents if the women act with presence of mind and courage so it is highly recommended to consult your doctor after the accidents without bothering about hours, days, weeks or months for the pregnancy after accident pregnancy of any duration can be at high risk. If you have noticed any of following condition then you must consult your doctor.

  • If you have spotted bleeding or spot
  • If you have observed swelling on face or fingers
  • If there is increased vaginal discharge
  • If you are suffering from constant headaches
  • If you have pain in abdomen or shoulder area
  • Constant vomiting except the morning sickness
  • If you have observed change in strength or movements of baby
  • If you suffering from painful or urgent urination
  • Dizziness and faintness must not be ignored

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