Fertility and sleep: Can your lifestyle choices affect the IVF treatment results?

Connection between sleep & fertility

How sleep and fertility can impact your IVF treatment?

Is it true? This is the first thing you must have in your mind. Let’s talk about the same in detail. You must visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab to better plan your IVF Journey. The experienced and skilled doctor will keep a close watch over your health. It is also true that visiting the best fertility clinic in Ludhiana will help you get familiar with the IVF cycle and your health in a better way.

Now! Coming to the topic…We all are living a hectic life and in the race to be ahead sometimes we compromise our health. At times, we stay late at night just to do things or part with friends. Well! No matter in which way your health is being compromised or you are not getting enough sleep, fertility will be impacted. So, it is true that if a woman is planning to get pregnant but her sleep cycle is not right, then the chances of conception are affected. This is the reason for the Best IVF Results in Punjab you need to be very particular as to, ‘How do you live your daily life?’

Study showing the impact on sleep and fertility

To better understand the situation, various research is carried out to understand the lack of sleep and working jobs that impact the routine which means women’s health and in the future the baby’s health is affected. Bear in mind, whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF treatment, you need to keep a proper account of your sleep cycle which is the right way to achieve the best IVF results in Punjab.

Moderate sleep is essential for IVF success

Several studies on this topic have pointed out that getting enough sleep is important at all costs. It is not just about getting pregnant but your overall health is at stake. The women with moderate levels of sleep have pregnancy chances with IVF at around 56%. If the women sleep for an excess amount of time then the pregnancy rate is extremely low with IVF pregnancy that is around 43% and short sleepers have a pregnancy rate with IVF at around 46%.

One certain thing is that all those who are planning to conceive should get sleep of around 7 to 8 hours. This way the women’s chances of conception are increased to a great extent.

What is the main connection between fertility and IVF outcomes?

One of the studies has shown that your sleep habits and fertility are linked to each other. The hormone production can get impacted by it. When you get enough sleep it will help the body to create enough hormones. On the other hand when you do not get enough sleep or too little sleep then the endocrine system is impacted which means the hormone production in the body is likely to suffer. Understand that when you do not get enough sleep the quality of eggs is impacted. It is not just about the women’s sleep pattern but men’s sleep pattern is also important and how do they live their regular life.

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