Test tube baby: Explain the history of Test Tube Baby or IVF treatment?

History of Test Tube Baby or IVF

Test tube baby treatment is most popular among people in past years which now changed to IVF treatment. IVF treatment is additionally known as In-vitro fertilization which is specially designed to treat infertility in both couples. This is the method of Assisted Reproductive technology which performs in the clinical lab rather than the human body.

This is the condition which can cause due to many factors such as hormonal changes, genetic factors, poor nutrition, low sperm count, and some other health conditions. In this way, they visit the IVF centre in Punjab in order to get the proper treatment so that they can conceive a baby.

History of test tube bay or IVF treatment

This treatment firstly experiment in 1934, Dr. Gregory Pincus who performs this treatment on animal first in order to examine the reaction of fertilization. After the 10 years, he and his lab technician perform this on human eggs in the clinical lab for fertilization.

After the struggle of 6 years in 1951, Dr. Landrum Shettles finally able to develop embryos with the help of fertilized egg. After this, the first bay by test tube treatment was born in July 1978 named as Louise Joy Brown in the UK. Moreover, in Australia, the first baby born with test tube baby treatment was Candice Elizabeth, who was born on 23rd June 1980.

from those days, this treatment is well-known among people across the world which additionally named as IVF in the future. IVF treatment has 4-5 phases of the process in which you have to experience Stimulation of the ovaries, egg retrieval process, fertilization, and Embryo transfer. These phases are necessary for conception in both couples.

What is a Test Tube Baby?

Test tube baby is explained as a baby who conceived with the help of In-vitro fertilization process. In previous years many doctors use beer bottles in order to preserve eggs with the goal to perform this procedure so that people can conceive easily. Moreover, after that, the eggs are placed in the petri dish. At that time this procedure takes so much time to fertilization and then embryos were placed into the uterus after the 5-6 days of development but these days this test is no more available.

How does In-Vitro Fertilization procedure works?

IVF procedure has 4 phases in which the first phase is the stimulation of the ovaries. In which your surgeon give you oral medications in order to stimulate your ovaries so that they can produce healthy eggs. And begin the procedure of egg and sperm retrieval after then fertilization takes place outside the human body. After all these phases your surgeon transfer developed embryos into the uterus of your female partner for conception. Moreover, this is the procedure which gives you totally safe and best results.