How Do I Know That I Have A High-Risk Pregnancy?

Know If You Have A High-Risk Pregnancy or Not

A high-risk pregnancy is one such condition in which the mother and her kid need special monitoring throughout their pregnancy period. Most people think that a high-risk pregnancy is one that shows risks during the delivery of the baby only, but that’s not the case.

The mother and the kid would be at risk throughout the time of pregnancy. Although there are a number of factors on the basis of which your doctors will consider your pregnancy into high-risk pregnancy, along with that, in some cases, a few events take place that makes the pregnancy a high-risk pregnancy.

In this post, we are going to talk about all those factors that lead to a high-risk pregnancy and why it’s important to get in touch with the best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana. If you are a parent or planning to be a parent soon, then this post can be highly-informative for you.

Factors That Leads To A High-Risk Pregnancy

 Although your doctor would be able to offer you better insights on it by having a look at your condition, but let us have a look at some of the most common factors that leads to a high-risk pregnancy:

  • Maternal age:

Whenever people talk about high-risk pregnancies, they automatically start thinking about the problems related to the health of the mother. But if the mother is of more than 35 years old, that directly takes her into the category of high-risk pregnancy; that’s why it is always suggested to think about the family before the age of 35, as you would not get in any complications with that.

Moreover, if someone is very young or in their teenage, they would also be considered for a high-risk pregnancy. If someone goes pregnancy in their teenage, they usually give birth to lower baby-weight children.

  • Health Issues:

There are a number of health issues; if the woman is facing them already, they take them into the category of high-risk pregnancy. Some health issues such as epilepsy, kidney diseases, thyroid diseases, and even clinical depression.

Due to such health issues, the pregnancy becomes high-risk pregnancy. Hence in such cases, it is suggested not to take any such step. But if the woman still wants to take the step for pregnancy, they are suggested to move forward with the test tube baby method.

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  • Obesity:

Women who have a body mass index of 30 or more have a higher chance that they will face high blood pressure or diabetes during their pregnancy. Hence in such a case, cesarean delivery is suggested.


On the basis of these factors, you can easily figure out if you are going to have a high-risk pregnancy or not. For further guidance around your pregnancy, you can get in touch with Dr Sumita Sofat Hospital (Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre), which can help you with everything linked to infertility and pregnancy.