How IVF is beneficial for couples with recurrent pregnancy failure?


Consulting the gynaecologist in Ludhiana at the right time is what improves your condition to a great extent and you know what treatment will be ideal for you. Years of trying can be stressful and to make an informed decision you should visit the best IVF centre in Punjab. With timely intervention and proper planning, you will know what should be done.

In-Vitro-Fertilization: Blessing for the infertile couple

In the past few years, it has been seen that ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) has seen an exceptional rise because of the increase in infertility cases. In one year, around 1,00,000 cases of IVF are performed.

With technological advancements, the ability to conceive has increased and the condition of infertility can be treated. Various conditions are treatable like women with absent ovaries can conceive, women with menopause, genetic defects, and aspirating sperms from testes.

The IVF treatment is successful because the way of doing the treatment has improved. You can rest assured while you get the treatment as implantation is done successfully and the growth of embryo health is an important consideration that changes the entire scenario.

Get a proper understanding of IVF treatment

The couple who is planning to get IVF treatment needs to do proper planning. No doubt, around 70% of the couple have an understanding of the way treatment works. The fertility doctors have made them understand the treatment, possible side effects, necessary precautions should be taken, and how to prepare yourself before treatment.

How should I prepare for the IVF cycle?

You must prepare well in advance for the treatment to increase the success results. To plan for the IVF treatment, the key areas which need to be given importance are nutrition, mental, and physical health.

Following a healthy diet

A healthy diet ensures that the body is in good shape. Make sure that you take the necessary minerals, and vitamins to boost the metabolism. By doing this, the egg and sperm are in good shape.


If you are overweight or underweight it is going to affect your chances of conception. With this condition, the ovulation issue can occur. Obesity in men can also create problems and affect erectile function and sperm motility. Make sure that you do exercise regularly and follow a balanced diet to keep the weight normal.

Mental health

Undergoing IVF treatment can impact the different aspects of life. To deal with it, you need to control the stress level and incorporate meditation & sleep into your routine. It is better that you spend quality time with your partner and loved ones to deal with the emotional aspect of the treatment.