Is there a specific count on, ‘How many times can I get IVF?’

Can I get IVF as many times as I want

Is it okay to get IVF time and again?

The patients struggling with infertility often lose their patience. Indeed! Trying to conceive for a long time but not being able to achieve the desired state of pregnancy can make personal and professional life difficult. One thing is seen that the cases of struggling to conceive are increasing a lot around the globe. Not just the women, even males suffer from infertility issues. Under this state, the ultimate choice is to go in the direction of IVF treatment to boost the chances of conception. If you wonder how the procedure will be performed for your situation, you should look for one of the Best Gynaecologist in Ludhiana to plan for everything in an ideal manner.

IVF treatment procedure

When you visit one of the best IVF centre in Punjab, the initial treatment step is increasing the egg count through medications. Once the egg is produced in enough amounts, egg retrieval is done to boost the chances of conception. On the same day, a sperm sample is taken so that fertilization is done. Then comes the embryo development and getting transferred on the 3rd or 5th day to boost the chances of conception.

Is there any limitation on IVF Cycle?

Usually, it’s seen that the individuals will keep on trying till the time they have not conceived. No doubt, it’sthe hope in their mind that tells them to keep on moving. There are indeed a few instances where the IVF cycle did not work the way it should, and various factors affect the scenario. Moreover, not every couple can conceive in the first cycle, and for that reason, they have to keep on trying over and over again.

Did you know?

One of the researches has shown that at least six embryos are required to be transferred to have increased chances of conception in certain cases.

So, if you think about is there a specific count on, ‘How many times to get IVF treatment?’ Then NO! There is no such limit set to the same. To make the final choice on the same, you need to consult the fertility doctor and then carefully analyze which is the best choice for you.

Are there any age limitations on IVF?

For both male and female, undergoing IVF treatment is a blessing when they have lost all their hope. The age limit factor is informed to you by visiting one of the best IVF centers and seeking all the necessary information. As every patient’s condition varies from one another, it’s essential to determine what’s the right choice for you by consulting one of the best IVF doctors.

Is there any restriction over how many embryos can be transferred?

Ideally, one embryo is preferred to boost the chances of conception. If the fertility doctor feels like your condition demands more, only then are two embryos transferred. It is better to seek medical assistance to ensure everything goes with ease and in the right direction.