How to Cope up with Male Infertility

Males take infertility as blot on their masculine feeling but unfortunately male infertility is also increasing with the passage of time. 40% infertile couples are struggling due to male infertility.

Semen analysis is the method to know about level of infertility in males in which motility, mobility and magnitude of sperms is analyzed. After complete test IVF Experts can suggests some medications and ways that can boost up male fertility

  • Smoking can lower the sperms count and even can reduce the motility of sperms so for fertility males should quit tobacco and smoking
  • Alcohol can even decrease the sperm count and can increase the abnormal sperms so for enhancing fertility men are asked for less consumption of alcohol
  • Overweight and underweight can even be cause for infertility problems so it is better to shape up and control your weight for fertility
  • What you eat matters a lot for each and every concern of your health so for fertility also your diet matters. Healthy diet can add to fertility values. As quality of diet can lead to quality of sperm even studies have shown that fish oils can add to the sperm count and fertility
  • One must avoid the processed meats for coping up with the infertility issues as they reduce the quality of sperms
  • If you have exposure to toxins like pesticides and chemicals then you must avoid these toxins as these can decrease fertility
  • Having good and healthy life style is beneficial to boost up fertility. Good habits like drinking plenty of water, exercising as per requirements and doctor suggestion can lead to fertility enhancement.

Tight fitting clothes can cause heat stress which can decrease sperm count so always wear loose undergarments.