How Women Infertility Chart Changes With Age


Most of the women are oblivion about the fact that their growing age is declining their chances for conception. It is the true fact that the most affecting factor that is age that can lead to loss of fertility cannot be controlled

What growing age can cause?

With the age wait for conception get longer for the women and even risk for not getting pregnant also get increase. Apart from this, chances for miscarriages, complications during pregnancy and delivery also get increased.

According to the IVF experts after the age of 30 chances for being mother start decreasing and after age of 35 these chances diminishes rapidly.

After the age of 40 chances for getting pregnant become less than half means women experience fertility fallen by half. If we compare the facts then by the age of 30 women have 20% chances of getting pregnant each month and these chances get lowered to 5% only at the age of 40

Some risks with the age

With the age risks of pregnancy and child birth increases and also caesarean section increases with age. Even the pregnant women can experience the complications like gestational diabetes, placenta praevia and genetic abruption.

After the age of 35 women have 2.5 times more chances of stillbirth than the younger women and these chances increase up to 5 times by the age of 40.even the aged women have more chances of having child birth with birth defects and abnormalities.

How fertility decreases with age?

  1. With the age hormone level of women also gets effected and as a result women produce fewer eggs. Even they produces eggs with the tougher outer capsule which have less potential for fertilization as a result eggs become less receptive with age and chances of conception become less
  2. Growing age become hindrance for the blood flow as near to the menopause blood flow to the ovaries becomes 5 times lesser than the prime reproductive times. Due to less flow of blood chances of fertilization also get lower with age.
  3. For the successful conception there must be balance of hormones but it get disturbed with the age. Fluctuation of hormone level disturbs the communication between the brain and pituitary gland so as a result the ovaries make the follicles resistant and which become less responsive to FSH. These undernourished follicles could not produce the healthy eggs so ultimately it affects negatively to the fertility of women.

If after the prime age of fertility women want to become mothers then they must consult IVF specialists for appropriate way to successful conception.