Features do you need to improve your chances of pregnancy in IVF Lab

Facilities in the IVF Lab

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: Getting an infertility treatment you have to take care of every small detail. Make sure the clinic or hospital you choose have the best IVF lab and it should have all the best equipment and latest technology should be used.

  • Isolated Incubator Spaces

 The longer embryo is kept to developed properly, it increases the chances that it will be developed of high-quality. At our lab, we have increased the space of incubator which helps us to leave the embryo to be cultured properly without disturbance. This means every patient will get their own space for embryo development.

Having more incubator space really represent that the IVF process has been improved a lot. Earlier there was an issue that one embryo can impact the other developing embryo which will affect the results. The embryologist will only access the lab when the procedure needs to be performed. This helps to keep the embryo in a controlled and consistent environment which helps in increasing the success rate.

  • Clean and Safe Environment

When the embryo is developed and created it is essential that the environment should be clean and safe. Studies have shown that having poor air quality affect the fertilization and development of the embryo. Our aim is to manage the air quality in the lab with proper ventilation and filtration system. Throughout the laboratory, these things are ensured so that no problem arrives in the very delicate process as poor air quality can lead to negative results. If you are facing any problem conceiving then you can visit our test tube baby Centre in Ludhiana.

  • Training protocols should be proper

The embryologist at our lab follows a rigorous training program. It takes at least 4 years for the trainee to have a proper understanding of the procedure and to get exposure to other procedures also. Before getting clearance that they can perform them without any assistance they learn the entire procedure for several months so that they master it properly. Before joining our team we ensure that they have done their Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or Ph.D. We make sure that the fertility specialist can handle the IVF-related task properly.

  • Operating Room System

We have proper lab facility as well as a proper operating room system. Having more operating room system helps the fertility specialist to perform more procedures of egg retrieval on a daily basis. The team also keep in mind that the egg retrieval process is performed in a consistent manner. This way it helps to manage everything properly and patients do not have to wait for a long time to have the results. Proper management and the better environment has helped us to increase the patients without compromising with the quality.

Our team of fertility specialist evaluates everything properly so that results and success rate can be increased. We know one successful pregnancy means having one more happy family we can send home from our hospital.

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