Infertility Among Men: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

infertility among men

Parenting has been considered an important part of one’s life. Our life is considered to be incomplete until and unless we become parents. This becomes one of the happiest moments of our lives and so we welcome this phase of our life with so much fun and are also excited for this phase of our life.

Male Infertility: There are certain conditions when we do not get this happiness of life or in other words, we can say that there are some people who undergo several problems to have a child. it has become the mindset of our society that most of the times say in about 90% cases people believe that the female is responsible for not having a child. Females are thought to have some problem with them and that is why they are considered responsible for not having a baby. But this mindset of our society is totally wrong. As we all know that a child is the result of intercourse between a man and a woman and hence we must be well aware of the fact that if a couple is not having a child there are equal chances of a problem in both men and women. So it becomes important for the people to get into their minds that a female alone is not responsible for not having a baby.

If the problem persists in women there are several treatments available for the women like IVF. But if the problem persists in males there are treatments too.

In this time marriages are generally conducted at a late age, because everyone in today’s time wants to have a good bank balance before taking up the responsibility of marriage. Marriages in late ages result in difficulty in having babies this is because the egg in women starts dying in the later 30s. Also, the sperm count of men starts decreasing and lowering in the later 30s. So men have started freezing their sperm so that they do not face any problem later on. Also because of weak sperm of men, the child can suffer from some problem like autism, so to be on the safer side the men of modern times decide to freeze their sperm.

This is done to produce healthy babies. Infertility in men is the result of many factors like drinking, smoking, stress, overweight, underweight, etc. All these things result in lowering the sperm count among men and hence reducing the chances of women getting pregnant. So in order to overcome all such problems and infertility among men the freezing of sperm is done. For infertility treatment in India number if IVF centers are extended in order to get rid of infertility problems both in males and females.

We just need to change our minds that infertility exists only in females and not in males. It can happen to both and can be treated in both.