Infertility Treatment-: What is the difference between an IUI and IVF?

Infertility Treatment What is the difference between an IUI and IVF

What is IVF?

IVF is one of the best treatment options for infertility. IVF treatment procedure, recommended by most of the doctors because of its success rate and all the technique used in this process are latest. During the treatment, the patient is given a fertility drug so that the production of the egg is increased. Once the egg is mature they will be retrieved from the women’s reproductive tract with a very simple procedure. After that, the egg and sperm are kept for fertilization which will result in the embryo. Once the embryo is formed it will be put back into the women’s reproductive tract so that the women can conceive successfully.

What is IUI?

IUI (Intrauterine insemination) is another option which is helpful in treating the issue of infertility. This treatment option is really helpful in male infertility treatment. This process is simple in which sperm are collected. After that, they are processed in the lab into the uterine cavity. During the washing process of sperm, all the seminal fluid is removed and the sperm is concentrated. The main aim of this process is that more sperm should meet the egg. Additionally, this process is performed when women are about to ovulate.

Difference between IVF and IUI

  • Success Rate

      The success rate of both treatments will depend on different factors such as age or issue of infertility. The success rate of IVF is more as compared to other treatment option. In case if the women are using her won egg than success rate is around more than 45% who are under the age of 35. One thing which you should keep in mind is that as we age the egg quality and quantity decline as the same for the sperm. If you are over the age of 40 then the success rate is also high. If you are facing the issue then you can visit our IVF centre in India.

In the case of IUI, the success rate is less as compared to IVF. For the patients over the age of 35, the success rate is 20%. If you are above 40 then the chances are around 8%.

  • Time

      The treatment of IUI is short as compared to IVF treatment. In case if the first cycle of IUI is successful than it means you can have a baby early. As we have already said, the success rate is different. Due to this, patients over the age of 35 will prefer IVF. It is best if you first consult the doctor so that they can tell you which method will suit you best.

      The cost of IVF is slightly more as compared to IUI. No doubt, the cost is also a major consideration for many patients. This also depends on the problem which is diagnosed and then the couple chooses which method they want to consider.

  • Suitable candidate

      The treatment of IUI is recommended when the problem of ovulation occurs, sperm abnormalities, ejaculation problem in men, and to conceive donor sperm is needed. In the case of IVF, the treatment is suitable for patients with endometriosis condition, ovulation issue, blocked fallopian tube, diminished ovarian reserve, and low sperm count.