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The Painful Condition Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Medical advancements and general awareness have helped women understand their reproduction concerns. In fact, women recurrently schedule gynaecology visits to ascertain their fertility status. However, the issue of Blocked Fallopian Tubes in childbearing women is unceasingly swindling and currently counts for 41% of infertility cases.

blocked fallopian tube

So, What Are Damaged Fallopian Tubes?

Blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes are those that cease to function as they ought to. Depending on the cause of the blockage, a single tube may cease to function or both. Women with obstructions or defects in or within the tubes are commonly diagnosed with tubal factor infertility.

What’s The Purpose Of The Fallopian Tubes During Conception?

Healthy Fallopian tubes are vital for fertilization to occur which result in conception. Generally, an egg is released each month during the time of ovulation. Once the egg is released, it will travel from one ovary to the Fallopian tube where it meets the sperms. Once the egg and the sperms get into contact, fertilization will occur, after which the fertilized egg will slope down to the uterus for implantation.

In case one or both the Fallopian tubes are damaged, the egg is prevented from meeting the sperm and this will surely cause infertility. A woman may suffer from partial or complete tubal damage.

Do I Have Blocked Fallopian Tubes? – Possible Symptoms

Blocked Fallopian Tubes aren’t basically associated with symptoms; however, a tubal defect known as hydrosalpinx may trigger unusual vaginal discharge or lower abdominal pain. Other symptoms may include;

  • Painful Menstrual Periods
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Fever

NOTE: These symptoms may also get triggered by a different condition.

What Causes A Blockage In A Woman’s Fallopian Tubes? Here Are The Reasons


There are various conditions that can cause a blockage or damage to the Fallopian tubes and they include;

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

A PID is the commonest cause of tubal blockages. A PID can result from sexually transmitted diseases and a previous pelvic infection or a history of a PID itself. Sexually transmitted diseases include chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Other possible causes include

  • Endometriosis
  • Previous ectopic pregnancy
  • History of a ruptured appendix
  • History of uterine infection
  • History of abdominal surgery

How Are Tubal Damages Diagnosed?

  • Blocked Fallopian tubes are normally diagnosed in a number of ways that include;

    Hysterosalpingogram, or HSG

    This is a unique X-ray where a dye is placed through the cervix with the help of a tiny tube. In case the dye goes through the uterus, then through the Fallopian tubes, then to the ovaries and lastly to the pelvic cavity, this means that the Fallopian tube (s) is normal. However, in case the dye fails to come out, it means that you have blocked Fallopian tubes.

Adhering To Blocked Fallopian Tubes Treatment

  • Infertility in women increases every now and then and one of its causes are blocked fallopian tubes. There are many procedures that may be done before the doctor examines your fallopian tubes. It is not all well with the woman who has been struggling to have a baby for almost five years but you know you have to try this out also.

     It should be noted that a woman can never get pregnant when her fallopian tubes are blocked since the egg is hindered from meeting the sperms for fertilization or the fertilized egg cannot move to the uterus where the pregnancy is carried to terms. Checking your fallopian tubes may be done in the following ways;

    • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) is done under an X-ray. The X-ray is normally taken to see the fluids movement from your tubes after a fluid is poured into your uterus and the fallopian tubes.
    • Another procedure called laparoscopy is performed using methylene blue where it is mixed with sterile water and poured into your uterus and fallopian tubes to find the problem. The benefit of this procedure is that it can act as a diagnosing procedure or a treatment procedure.

    There are cases where the above procedures are performed and no blockage is revealed so it is advisable that the patient continues on Ovary stimulation/induction treatment before moving to the major surgery.

When Blocked Fallopian Tube Treatment Requires A Surgery

  • This is a major operation that may be done in different ways.

    • One is tubal reanastomosis that involves repairing the parts of your fallopian tubes that are damaged and joining the fine ends.
    • Laparoscopy is another way to perform this operation where equipment is invasively inserted through your abdominal lining.
    • Salpingectomy is another procedure where the damaged fallopian tubes are removed and fimbrioplasty is done in cases where a part of the fallopian tubes is damaged.

    The best blocked fallopian tube treatment in Punjab and in India can be acquired from our centre that is the best IVF centre in India. The procedures are performed in combination with IVF treatment to help you carry a child of your own.

    In some cases, infertility may be due to only blocked fallopian tubes and after that the woman can conceive. So if you face any problem of infertility we are able to examine you carry out a number of tests before discussing other alternatives. Where the doctor finds it appropriate, this treatment may be followed by IVF treatment.

    The treatment at our IVF centre is administered by the best surgeon for blocked fallopian tubes treatment in India who is experienced enough in this field. The surgical procedures are performed after the administering of anesthesia so that you feel no pain. It is the hospital requirement that you a patient stays for monitoring for about 4 days. This can also depend on the type of surgery that one has undergone. Medications like antibiotics are given to avoid complications and infections in the future.

Specialized Concern For Women With Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Having blocked Fallopian Tubes doesn’t stop women from having children and in fact, there are various procedures through which you can attain the privilege of motherhood. Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital is an acclaimed destination where women with blocked Fallopian tubes are given a chance to deliver healthy babies. IVF, therapy, laparoscopic procedures are some of the treatment approaches conducted at our centre. We offer a lifetime opportunity for parenthood!

The Pregnancy Rate

After these surgeries, 59% of the women are able to conceive with just these procedures and also after going through IVF treatment. The chances of pregnancy also depend on the type of surgical procedure performed, the age and the cause of infertility but the chances are generally high since there is a total movement of the sperms and the eggs which increases fertilization chances.  Some of the things to put in mind before and after fallopian tube surgery may be ectopic pregnancies and infections.

We can fight infertility together here at our blocked fallopian tube treatment centre in Ludhiana with the help of the best fallopian tube surgeon. You deserve the joy and happiness as a woman.