Is diabetes one of the major reasons for having trouble conceiving?


Do you have diabetes?

Are you trying to conceive?

In this state, there are a lot of difficulties to plan for the pregnancy and ensure the journey goes as smoothly as you want it to be. Be it this condition impacts men or women, the fertility level of both. Diabetes is one of those conditions that can affect the hormonal balance in the body, and there are increased chances of delayed conception and delayed implantation. That’s not all the studies have shown there’s a risk of poor sperm and embryo quality which eventually makes it difficult for the individual to conceive. If you are struggling with this condition, then schedule your initial consultation at one of the top-rated IVF Centre in Punjab to know the right approach.

How does diabetes affect fertility level?

The systematic studies have pointed out that diabetes impacts women’s fertility level to a great extent. As in the menstrual imbalance is affected, which is the reason there’s a risk of puberty, menstrual rhythm changes, and impact the fertility to a whole other level. If you are struggling to conceive, then better schedule your initial consultation with one of the Best IVF Doctors in Ludhiana to better understand the right approach that can help you.

Apart from this, there are other noticeable conditions like:

  • Genitourinary infections

Diabetic women are at an increased risk of getting an infection, or the reproductive organ might get damaged like the fallopian tubes.

  • Pregnancy complications

Pregnancy difficulties are more than usual, like chances of miscarriage or congenital disabilities in the uterus are higher.

Moreover, there is a risk of sexual desire getting significantly affected, which eventually creates a problem with conception.

How can type 1 diabetes impact female fertility?

There are menstrual cycle fluctuations like the cycle can be longer, there’s heavy menstruation, and even younger girls have this issue. Apart from this, there’s the issue of anovulation which occurs in premenopausal women. This condition is likely to occur due to various factors like hormonal imbalance, ovarian failure, diabetes, or mental stress. There might be a point that antibodies start affecting the egg and sperm health.

How is type 2 diabetes known for affecting fertility?

Women with type 2 diabetes will have PCOS and Obesity. Moreover, if the lifestyle pattern and dietary habits are not correct, then the factor of obesity is bound to occur, which significantly affects fertility. With obese women, there is a risk of PCOS, which is the condition of having excess male hormones occurring in the body, and the menstrual cycle is not even balanced.

Getting diabetes and infertility treatment together

Men or women, treating the infertility condition is essential in both states. The blood sugar levels must be in control to ensure the reproductive hormones and functions are working correctly. When you consult the doctor for the same, your medical history and family history are effectively checked to know how to get the entire situation balanced.