IVF Cost: What is the cost of Test Tube Baby treatment in India?

What is the cost of IVF treatment in India

When a couple decides to undergo IVF treatment for becoming parents, they need to consider all the aspects related to it. We all know that IVF treatment does not come under insurance; therefore, it will involve payment from one’s own pocket. It will affect the finances of the couple. According to IVF Center in Punjab, it is, therefore, important for a couple visiting any Infertility clinic to discuss the cost of the treatment with the specialist.

IVF cost in India

The cost of IVF in India is quite affordable as compared to Western countries. Still, the cost of the treatment is dependent on some factors. The couple needs to understand the breakup of the IVF cycle into separate steps and the various factors affecting the cost. There are various steps involved in IVF, the price of which will vary from clinic to clinic and city to city.  Such questions will help them get a clear picture of the expenses.

The factors which influence the cost of the IVF procedure are:

Laboratory Investigations:

The infertility diagnosis comprises of the following laboratory investigations:

Females: AMH test-A Blood test to check the egg reserve and the hormonal levels is required. A blood test for checking viral markers and a pregnancy test if an embryo transfer has been done are also required.

Males: Semen analysis is carried out to check the sperm count sperm morphology and sperm motility. A blood test for checking viral markers is carried point in men too.


Ultrasounds are necessary to determine when the eggs can be retrieved. Female’s reproductive morphology helps in investigating the female’s reproductive morphology which includes.

  • The viability of the uterus by determining its shape and structure
  • The ovary size
  • The thickness of the endometrium
  • Antral follicle count (the number of eggs remaining in the ovaries)

IVF Medications:

Medications are used for

Ovarian stimulation – The cost of these medicines will depend on a woman’s AMH count. In case the AMH value is low, then more medication will be required, thereby raising the cost.

Egg retrieval – The surgical retrieval of the female’s eggs is performed under ultrasound guidance.


The egg retrieval procedure is carried out under anesthesia. It requires the visit of an anesthesiologist who comes specifically for this purpose to the clinic. It will be included in the IVF cost.

Embryo Freezing:

If there are viable embryos left in the IVF cycle, they can be stored for further use. Their freezing for the future will require additional payment.


If a procedure like laparoscopy and a hysteroscopy is needed, then it will further increase the IVF cost.

OT Charges:

The use of OT will require some fee along with the fees of the Doctors and the nurses.

Other factors

Other Factors may be included depending on the medical condition of the couple like-


If the IVF is done using one’s own eggs and sperm, the cost will be lower.

Donor Egg/Sperm IVF:

If IVF includes the services of a Donor egg/Donor sperm, the expenses will be much more.

Donor Embryo IVF:

If a donor embryo is involved, then the cost of IVF will change as it will bypass the need for stimulation medications.


If a surrogate is required, then all her living expenses besides the cost of IVF will be included in the package.