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Hysteroscopy For Infertility: What Is Hysteroscopy, Need, Procedure, Benefits, And Cost?

Hysteroscopy Surgery in Ludhiana Punjab at Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital with the advancement in technology and science different treatment, are available which helps in identifying and diagnosing the problem of infertility. One such procedure is Hysteroscopy. No doubt, many women suffer from different kind of health-related issue that may lead to infertility. In some cases, the problem can be diagnosed very easily but sometimes it is very difficult to diagnose the problem.

What Is Hysteroscopy?


It is a medical procedure which involves the examination of a woman’s uterus and cervix. For diagnosing the medical instrument which is used is called hysteroscope. The instrument is not only helpful in diagnosing but it also rectifies various uterine complications.

Hysteroscope is a medical instrument and it has a camera attached with it as well as on one end there is the light source. With this, the surgeon can examine the problem properly and the instrument is inserted into the woman’s vagina. With the camera images are taken which helps the doctor to examine the problem and where it exists so that if any corrective action is required it can be taken. You can get Hysteroscopy Surgery in Ludhiana as the doctors are highly qualified and experienced.

What Is The Need Of This Procedure?


If you are facing following then the doctor will recommend you to undergo this procedure.

  • If the women are experiencing the issue of uterine bleeding.
  • The Pap smear test is not normal.
  • After menopause, you are still bleeding.
  • For biopsy removal of small tissue is required.
  • If you want to insert small birth control inserts in the Fallopian tube.
  • To diagnose and remove the fibroids, scarring, or polyps.

How Hysteroscopy Improves Fertility?

Before The Procedure

Before the Hysteroscopy, the women are given medication which helps her in relaxing. To ease the pain, general or local anesthesia can be given and it depends on the situation. Along with this, to open or dilate the cervix medications are given as it makes the process easier.

During The Procedure

Into the vagina, an instrument is inserted which is known as a speculum, which helps it opening it more. To see the uterus lining, carbon dioxide is pumped into the uterus through the hysteroscope. After that, the hysteroscope is moved gently and all this process is visible on the screen. This helps the doctor to observe the problem by looking at the images. To remove the fibroids hysteroscope surgical tool is used. The procedure takes 30 minutes but if only diagnose is required than it takes 10 minutes only. After the procedure, the women might experience cramps.


The benefit of this procedure is hospital stay is very short, recovery time is fast, open abdominal surgery is avoided, and fewer pain medications are required.