IVF in India: Explain the treatment of IVF in detail from the starting to the final stage?

IVF is the hope for many couples

IVF in India: Hope for many couples who were not able to conceive in spite of trying for several years. So many couples are opting this method of treatment to get pregnant. But they are not aware that how the treatment will start and how it will help them. We have discussed the entire process of IVF.

  • Meeting an IVF specialist

The first step is you will consult the doctor. In the appointment, he will ask you different questions regarding your health, daily routine, and many other things. These things are important to know because on that basis the doctor will start the treatment. He will examine you and your partner also. Once they have discussed everything they will find the tell you how you can proceed further. During the consultation, the test is also conducted to check the functioning of uterus and ovaries. For the treatment, you should visit the best IVF center in India.

  • Menstrual Cycle

The first part of the treatment will include is to suppress your natural menstrual cycle. The medications come in two forms daily injections and nasal spray. The medication is given for around two weeks.

  • Egg supply

After suppressing the menstrual cycle, the next part is to take a fertility hormone which is known as follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This process is continued for around 12 days Due to this, the egg supply is increased by the ovaries. This increases the chances of eggs to fertilize better and you can say that it is an extremely critical and important part of the entire process.

  • Progress evaluation

Then the doctor will continuously evaluate your health till the end of the process. He will monitor the ovaries with vaginal ultrasound to see the growth of the eggs. Before collecting the egg, hormone injection is given which helps the eggs to get mature.

  • Collecting the eggs

The patient is given anesthesia so that she doesn’t feel anything. The eggs are collected with a needle and all the process is visible on the monitor. Though some people think that this might take a long time but it is a very minor procedure which lasts for around 20 minutes.

  • Fertilizing the Eggs

After the eggs are collected, they are mixed with the sperm of a male partner. This process is taken in the laboratory. The eggs are kept in the incubator and they are cultured until insemination. After two days, normal embryos are between 2 and 6 cells. After three days, embryos are between 7 and 9 cells. After this, the embryo reaches the final stage and then after 20 hours, the doctors check the eggs if they are properly fertilized or not. The process of IVF was earlier known as test tube baby treatment.

After a few days, the eggs are collected. Then the healthy embryos are selected and transferred into the womb. This procedure is relatively simple as compared to standard egg collection. Only that embryo is chosen which are healthy and better as compared to others.

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