IVF Story of Patient From Phagwara, Kapurthala – Best IVF Treatment Centre

IVF Story of Patient From Phagwara, Kapurthala - Best IVF Treatment Centre

An IVF Mother’s Journey

We got married when I was 28 and my husband was 35. As we intended to start a family soon, I stopped taking pills two months prior to getting married. With the contraception on hold, I was expecting to conceive soon. But a few periods later, I felt that the process was not going to be as swift as I thought. My patience encouraged me to wait for some more time. I would jump at the slightest symptoms of nausea and rush to check my status. But after numerous negative pregnancy tests, I realized that they were all false alarms. As the weeks turned into months and months into years, I realized that there was indeed some problem and it would best be solved by medical intervention. Considering that we were at the right age to conceive, we could not fathom any reason for failing to conceive.

The struggling times

What ensued was a battery of tests for ascertaining the probable causes of infertility. After carrying out all the tests, every probable reason was ruled out. I was a victim of ‘unexplained infertility’. It means that the woman fails to conceive even when there is no probable reason for it. The fertility factors of the partner are also taken into account before reaching this conclusion. We had to opt for the various methods which are employed for the couples bearing the brunt of infertility. We were told to try insemination. After two failed rounds, we decided to opt for IVF. IVF is a technique in which the fertilization of the egg and sperm in a lab instead of the natural place which is inside the woman’s body. This technique is readily available in India. There are various IVF centre in Phagwara. After the first attempt, five viable eggs resulted. But all five failed to survive or mature into a baby. Fortunately, the eggs of the second cycle didn’t suffer the same fate and I conceived. I went on to deliver a healthy baby. The successful outcome came after a one and a half years of treatment. I had turned 31 by then. Our second born also came to us through this method.

The cost factor

The cost of the procedure varies from city to city and clinic to clinic. IVF cost in Kapurthala will also vary according to the clinic and the expertise level of the doctor. It is advisable to opt for a doctor with a proven track record and a clinic with the latest infrastructure.

The final assessment

The point I would like to drive home is the fact that the sooner you seek help, the better are the chances of conceiving. It is a well-known fact that the fertility of the woman depreciates greatly after the age of 35 and chances of conceiving are slim after the age of 42. So seek medical help at the earliest. Going by the age, women above the age of 35 should seek medical intervention after trying for six months. Women under 35 should do the same after trying for a year. So, catch the bus before it’s too late.