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Infertility is becoming alarming issue in both genders there can be many causes for this problem like genetic, medications, stress, environmental factors, medical conditions and even the lifestyle choices. Through the standard testing experts can know about the extent and cause of problem but sometime in the standard infertility testing the cause for the failure to get pregnant could not be known this condition is called unexplained infertility. It means it is the condition in which women can not get pregenent naturally but the actual culprit remains behind the scene.

According to reports there are 10% chances in which the cause for infertility remains undetected. Under this condition couples generally become hopeless for conception but medical science has done much advancement that can help such couples.



Couples that are coping with this type of infertility are diagnosed on the basis of comprehensive review taken for the past testing and treatment performed till date. Sometimes these past records can uncover the evidence that can be cause of this reproductive inability.

This problem is diagnosed with the laparoscopy in which the infertility conditions like pelvic scarring, endometriosis can be detected. However sometime this problem can be related to egg and sperm abnormalities that are difficult to detect through the conventional testing. Such kind of conditions can be successfully treated with the advanced procedures like IVF or other related procedures.


After the diagnosis for the surety of facts your infertility doctor can ask you for some tests such as doctor can ask for semen analysis of the male partner again if andrology laboratory could not perform the analysis.

So through the comprehensive semen analysis and its testing the problem of unexplained infertility can be detected in males.

In case of females tubal infertility can be cause for the problem. For testing of tubal infertility at laparoscopy dye is passed through the female uterus to get assure about the patency of tubes. However this testing could not evaluate the cavity inside the uterus and fallopian tubes. Abnormality of uterine cavity and scarring of tubes are the main problems that can be detected by hysterosalpinogram. If doctor finds such conditions then these both can explain the infertility cause.

Apart from this in females with the age egg quality start getting poor so no such testing is there that can measure the quality of eggs that can become the reason for failure to conception then these issues related to production of eggs and quality of eggs are also counted in the unexplained infertility condition in females.


Medical science has made it possible for the couples to enjoy parenthood even with the unexplained infertility. However Unexplained Infertility Treatment In Women is based on various factors like age of women, duration for the problem and diagnosis of the problem but still females can get pregnant with the advanced techniques like IUI and IVF with the treatment of controlled ovarian hyper stimulation. Unexplained Infertility Treatment In Men also include various factors but with the options like processed sperm specimen used in IUI, IVF AND ICSI procedure combined with IVF they can promote the fertilization of egg and establish successful pregnancy.