IVF Success: First Test Tube Baby born from an immature frozen egg

IVF Success First Test Tube Baby born from an immature frozen egg

What does immature frozen egg mean?

An immature egg develops in a follicle from the ovary. The immature frozen eggs are a small fluid-filled cyst which grows up to 20 mm and this process takes two weeks. The immature eggs have not undergone the cell division to reduce the number of chromosomes. The cell division is reduced to 46 chromosomes to 23 chromosomes. The sperm cannot fertilize the immature eggs and this affects fertility.

During IVF, the eggs are matured and stimulated with the hormone which is called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). When the eggs are retrieved, some mature eggs are collected with immature eggs for the freezing process. Different protocols can be applied to increase the rate of mature eggs if the eggs which are found are immature. These matured eggs are then fertilized by the sperm and then the embryo is produced. If you want to get the egg freezing done then you should visit the best test baby center.

How did it start?

The treatment of IVF began in 1978. At that time the doctors were afraid that babies who were born with this treatment might suffer from different health problems and birth defects. The baby named Louise Brown was the first successful birth from the IVF treatment. The couple was able to get pregnant after 9 years. In medical terms, this procedure was named “test tube babies” which is eventually known as IVF (In vitro fertilisation).

What is the procedure?

  • Before starting the treatment, the women are given medications to naturally stop their periods.
  • The treatment starts by removing the eggs from the ovaries. To make the process fast the doctors will prescribe you drugs of fertility hormones. It helps in producing more eggs then the normal and therefore more eggs can be fertilized.
  • Before placing the eggs into the uterus they are fertilized with a sperm in a laboratory. For the fertilization, the eggs are kept into the incubator and the fertilized eggs are named as embryos.
  • The most challenging step is to choose the best embryo. The embryo which is healthy is transferred to the female uterus and the method is called embryo grading.
  • The doctor will examine you daily and check whether your uterus lining is ready or not for the egg freezing.

The method is very helpful to overcome the issue of infertility which can happen due to different factors such as hormonal changes, blocked Fallopian tube, stress or some other health issue.

Today, many couples are able to conceive and become parents because of IVF treatment. Specialists are developing new method and technology to make this treatment more successful. From where it all started and how this treatment is still helping many patients to get rid of infertility. The success rate of this treatment is giving hope to many people all around the world. It is not necessary that the first cycle will be successful. You should keep trying and don’t lose hope. Schedule an appointment with a doctor because he can tell you properly and will let you know everything in detail.

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