Jammu: Incredible IVF centre Success Rate, The Story Of An Extraordinary Woman

Jammu Incredible IVF centre Success Rate, The Story Of An Extraordinary Woman

Testimonial: My IVF journey, which I thought would last forever.

My husband, Brij Mohan Khajuriya, along with me, Nanika Sharma, shifted to Ludhiana, from Jammu District, post marriage. Even after 5 years of marriage, when I was not able to conceive, then we thought to ourselves, that something is certainly not going on right. Went to many doctors, but nothing seemed to be working out in our favor. Being in a stressful state, I used to keep aloof from everyone, just being with myself.

Around after 2 years, I again found the courage to get it done again, till this time I was getting treated for depression, yes, all the stress had accumulated inside me, and I was slowly going into a depression.

Then we got to know about Dr. Sumita Sofat, at Sofat Hospital, she was an angel in disguise. It is because of she and her loving team that today, I, Nainka, am writing a note of gratitude to her.

Wish to be an inspiration to many couples who are trying After 5 years of going through ups and downs, we finally had a positive pregnancy test. Now, both I and my husband have a boy/girl twin.

The team at Sofat hospital was way too good

The Doctors, at the hospital, used to take all initiative to make me feel comfortable, and the person that I am, always ready to ask questions, they were ever ready to reply to my each and every query, no matter how stupid it was. Dr. Sumita, is no doubt the best gynaecologist in India. I am overwhelmed with Sofat hospital for being a part of my beautiful phase of pregnancy.

Not to forget more people

How can I ever forget the contribution made by my husband throughout my journey, pregnancy as it takes a toll on emotions, and IVF (with all the treatments and injections, adds fuel to the fire), be it the mood swings, my depression phase, he was there with me all the time, never once did he leave me alone. Fall short of words to thank him.

The advice I would like to give

Don’t give up. Please, never ever give up, seek help whenever you can. Many times I felt like running away from all this, but then, again I regained my confidence.
I am happy I didn’t do anything wrong because the happy moment did come in my life by this best IVF centre in Jammu.


The cost of IVF will vary from location to location, doctor to doctor, and one more thing, choosing an expensive doctor certainly doesn’t mean that the doctor is best. No, please get a little bit of research done, before deciding on which one to choose.

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