Ludhiana: IVF success story of a mother longing to have a child of her own!

Ludhiana IVF success story of a mother longing to have a child of her own

My name is Bavpreet Kaur, I belong to Aggar Nagar, Ludhiana, a district in Punjab, I entered marital bliss in 2014 (it’s been 4 years), just like any other happy couple, with the intention of having our family soon, I didn’t take any contraceptive medicine (fearing the side effects that they have), even after a long time (around a year post marriage) with no success, I was quite disheartened, was on the verge of getting depressed, because the journey of having a baby with us, seemed next to impossible. Was not able to figure out where the actual problem was. Even if I had puking (due to different reasons) I would immediately go and get my tests done, but God had other plans lined up for me, they all used to be the cry of wolf.

How I got in the survival mode?

One of my very good friends asked me to visit an infertility specialist, then started the journey of tests, injections, not just mine but my husband’s, as well, because the doctors wanted to be completely sure about where the problem actually was, no reports were negative, it had to be, since the problem area was unknown (my periods were regular, so no issue in that part, also), it is a known fact that having mensuration is an important part of conceiving, but in my case I wished my periods to miss, even after the medications and everything else, nothing seemed to be working, even my husband was fit and fine. We changed from one doctor to another but got nothing more than disappointment. The only thing all the doctors could conclude was that mine was “unknown or unexplained pregnancy”, in simple terms besides being healthy, also, when a couple is not able to birth a child, it is termed like that. Later on, we went to Dr. Sofat, having read so many reviews from her patients whom she helped in becoming proud parents and also after seeing enormous awards that she holds, we knew that our search for the best doctors would end here, and our beliefs indeed turned out true.

IVF or infertility treatment is basically a method of breeding of eggs and sperms, in a laboratory, instead of the women’s womb (where it naturally takes place). The technique, besides getting popular in other countries, is fast getting popular in India, as well. Finally, God heard our prayers, and we were blessed with twin babies (mostly in IVF’s there are more chances of having multiple kids, rather than a single one). So, now I and my hubby are proud parents of a boy-girl duo, who are healthy in every way. All this couldn’t have been possible without Dr. Sofat and her ever smiling team of doctors, who were there to answer all my questions (the list of questions was quite huge and I kept irritating them, so as to say).

How pocket-friendly is the treatment?

The IVF treatment cost varies from doctor to doctor, location, the type of facilities available. I, therefore, recommend choosing one who has a good track record, do a bit of research (as I and my husband did).

Better late than never

It is always better to ask for help , in the first place IVF centre in Ludhiana. We all are aware of the fact that age plays a very important role in conceiving (at least with omen it does). As soon as you are in your 30’s, you should get yourself checked, if you are healthy, then nothing to worry, if not, then medications can help you.