Male Infertility: What are the common causes which affect the fertility of men?

Common causes of male infertility

Male Infertility: The issue of fertility is not encountered with women only. There are many cases in which the problem is because of men. No doubt, it can be very frustrating and you might feel hopeless that your partner have to suffer from this situation.

Reason behind male infertility

  • Sperm count

Sperms are very tiny and in one sperm sample, millions of sperm are present. Due to this, the reason when the sperms are counted it is done in concentration. If the sperm concentration is 15 million sperm per millimeter then it is the best option. But, when the sperm count is low then it can result in the problem of infertility.

  • Sperm movement

It is very important that sperm should move properly. But, in some cases, there is an issue with sperm motility that they are not able to swim properly. To achieve a successful pregnancy it is essential that sperm should meet the egg for fertilization. Due to a problem with sperm motility, it can lead to an issue for women to conceive.

In that case, the treatment of IVF along with ICSI is very effective as with surgical option the sperm is collected and then kept for fertilization.

In case, you are facing issue conceiving then it is essential that you seek the help of a doctor as early as possible as they will let you know what is the issue. You should visit our IVF centre in India to get the best treatment plan.

Is there any other cause of male infertility?

  • One of the most common cause is when the blood vessels around the testicles get dilated. This issue is referred to as varicocele and this can result in closing the vessels abnormally. This can affect the testicle temperature and also sperm production.
  • Another reason is abnormal testosterone. In case, if the men are not producing enough of this hormone then it can affect sperm production. Well, this issue can be treated with medication like Clomid as it will increase its production.
  • Also, if the men are overweight then also it can result in many health issues and also the chances of infertility increases. This is why it is essential that you should keep your weight normal.
  • Sometimes the reason for infertility is not known which is the case of unexplained infertility. Getting treatment is the ideal choice.
  • Some patients suffer from a genital infection. Due to this issue, it can even result in scarring issue which can lead to infertility.
  • If you are taking certain medications or drugs for a long time then your fertility is affected. Make sure you seek the help of the doctor as they will let you know what the problem is caused.

Visit our doctor and after diagnosing the issue they will give you the treatment plan which will suit your situation the best.

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