Male Infertility due to Azoospermia

male infertility

Azoospermia is a condition in men where one has no sperms in the semen. The problem can also be worsened in instances where the sperms are immotile which makes it hard for a man to impregnate a woman in a natural way. Azoospermia is also called infertility and this problem occurs in 2 men out of 10. It is hard to deal with this problem since it affects the emotions of a man, the physical abilities, and response to the environment. Some men may not be aware of this problem until the following are carried out;

  • Blood tests
  • A biopsy
  • Screening
  • Spermatic venography and
  • MRI

The fact that men ejaculate doesn’t mean that they are fertile to make a woman conceive. Male infertility is cannot be detected easily and that is why a major examination and tests are carried out. The common causes of Azoospermia are stress, hormonal imbalances, trauma, and genetic factors. To effectively eradicate the problem, Azoospermia Treatment in India is offered by the renowned infertility doctor at the center. Treatments are offered to increase sperm production in a man with a good quality.

A man can also exercise regularly to release stress and strengthen the muscles. Always maintain a good diet that consists of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, fruits, vegetables, and studies also show that Ashwagandha can also offer great results.

Take plenty of water and stay away from smoking and over consumption of alcohol since it reduces sperm production.

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