A recent study reveals that Mosaic Embryos are valuable to develop healthy babies?

Mosaic embryos are useful to develop healthy babies

What are Mosaic Embryos?

As science keeps on progressing and specialists become familiar with IVF innovations and embryo transfer, we keep on observing new phrasing and practices in the field. Ongoing investigations directed by the world’s biggest research facility, reveals about new innovations in IVF treatment such as mosaic embryos.

Mosaic is the term, which is related to embryos in order to acquire both types such as normal and abnormal during PGS testing. In addition to this, PGS testing is also known as preimplantation genetic screening. And the testing is done in 5 days which the careful consideration and in this testing specialists usually keep eye on embryo development. In the meantime, the doctors are able to find abnormalities in the chromosome which are necessary to detect in order to develop healthy embryos. They only choose the best and healthy embryos so that you cannot face any type of problem in your pregnancy.

How Mosaic Embryos are valuable to develop Healthy Babies?

A recent study bolsters reveal that these new type of mosaic embryos are useful to develop healthy babies. As we said above that these embryos are developed with a special technique under the careful observation of doctors.  And these embryos are also useful to increase the chances of success and pregnancy. Well, this treatment option is only available at the best IVF centre in India. You can also get the IVF treatment with new techniques which are useful to develop mosaic embryos in our Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre.

Well, the study performs the experiment at 77 ladies, who are suffering from no euploid embryos for implantation. In this situation, mosaic helps to develop healthy embryos with the help of preimplantation genetic screening, even if you haven’t normal embryos. This is the method to develop healthy embryos after detecting all the abnormalities. This process is done by special and recently found techniques.

Well, some studies show that mosaic embryos have the danger of birth defects but this is totally a myth. Since mosaic embryos only result in healthy delivery and babies also.

In addition to this, a new study reveals that embryos which have abnormalities are also useful to develop healthy babies with the help of mosaic techniques.

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