How is ovarian Stimulation an essential part of IVF treatment?

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Ovarian Stimulation: 2nd stage of IVF cycle

Are you planning to get IVF treatment?


Is your IVF treatment just started?

No doubt, what’s the scenario? You have to be careful in all ways and be considerate about every particular step of the IVF journey. One of the significant steps of IVF treatment is fertilizing the mature eggs by extracting them back from the woman’s ovaries. Ovarian Stimulation needs that extra care and attention as the female reproductive cycle is complex. Indeed! Those who are planning to get IVF treatment will have several thoughts about what to do or how everything will be. So, when you visit one of the best IVF centers in Punjab for the initial consultation, get good clarity over the same.

When ovarian Stimulation has started?

Following ovarian Stimulation, a range of fertility testing options is done. The necessary tests which you need to get are:

  • Blood test

Check the hormonal level in the body

  • Follow the right kind of daily regime for better health

No matter what doubt you have in your mind, talk it out with one of the Best IVF Doctors in Ludhiana to better manage the results.

Proper ovulation cycle

In the woman’s ovaries, a thousand eggs are present. With each menstrual cycle, the follicles develop, released during ovulation. In medical terms, just the one is referred to as the dominant follicle, and its growth is faster than others. When the woman has not conceived, then her menstrual cycle will occur 14 days after ovulation.

What’s the working of Ovarian Stimulation?

During the IVF cycle, the chances are increased to ensure the eggs are mature as much as possible. Following that, the medications are given to you for at least 8 to 14 days to improve the ovaries’ egg count.

Additionally, you will be given the medications to help the necessary hormones have the body’s blanched level. These hormones are FSH and LH, which are significant in balancing the body the right way.

Ovarian StimulationStimulation needs to be on time:

The ovarian stimulation process needs to be done the right way, and the right kind of measures have to be taken. The better the results will be when everything is effective, and you follow all the doctor’s necessary suggestions.

Get yourself through understanding

As you begin your IVF journey, make sure to trust a reliable team and know the right approach to carry out the treatment. One such team of fertility doctors you can choose for your IVF journey is Dr. Sumita Sofat, one of the known fertility doctors.  For more information, schedule your treatment plan at the earliest and get better clarity over how everything will be done. Always make sure you have to be well-informed about the treatment you are going to get as to ensure all the further steps go with ease.

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