Explain in detail how the procedure of egg and embryo donation work?

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Egg Donation

Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre: The first successful result with egg donation was reported in 1984. till now, the egg donation has helped many infertile couples who are facing the issue to conceive naturally.

The egg donation is needed in IVF, the eggs are removed from the woman’s ovaries and then fertilized in the lab. With this, the embryo is formed which is then transferred to the women who need them.

Basic steps for Egg donation

  • First thing is to find an egg donor which can be someone in your known or anonymous donor.
  • The donor is given medication which helps in stimulating the ovaries and number of eggs are produced. In some cases, the cost of egg donation is shared among several recipients.
  • After that sperm is taken from either recipient male partner or sperm donor so that eggs can be fertilized in the lab.
  • Finally, the embryo is transferred to the uterus which helps in establishing the pregnancy.

If you are facing the issue of infertility then you should visit our IVF centre in India and consult the doctor.

Embryo Donation

The procedure of embryo donation helps to transfer the embryo to the infertile couple and they are created by individuals who have already undergone the fertility treatment.

Basic steps for Embryo donation

  • With the IVF treatment, the extra embryo is produced which are used in the future when you want more children or if the first cycle failed then those can be used. Usually, the embryo is kept for 10 years. In some cases, the couple decides to donate the embryo to another couple.
  • The doctor will transfer one or two embryos to the recipient womb. This happens 2 to 6 days after fertilization.
  • If everything goes well, then at least one embryo will get stick to the lining of the uterus which helps the women to conceive. After two weeks, the doctor will do a pregnancy test. If the results are pregnant the doctor will continuously monitor your health.

There is one risk which is multiple pregnancy. Before the procedure, the doctor will let you know about the embryo transfer process and how the chances of success can be balanced to minimize the risk of multiple pregnancy.

Who uses the donor egg and embryo?

The reasons why a couple will use egg donation and embryo donation is the same and some of them are listed below:

  • The couple at the risk of passing on genetic disease.
  • Ovaries are affected by illness or disease.
  • Dealing with premature menopause.
  • Undergone IVF treatment, but cycle failed because egg quality is poor.
  • The couple of same-sex who are looking for embryo donation or donor egg so that they can transfer it to the surrogate.

Keep in mind that whichever option you choose it does take time to see the results, so you have to be patient.  Your doctor will let you know about the entire process in detail during a consultation.

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