When it is the right time that you should seek the help of the Gynaecologist Or fertility doctor?

Consulting the fertility doctor

Some couples try to conceive every month but you are not able to get the positive results you want to see. In some cases, the patients can wait till they consult the doctor but sometimes visiting the Gynaecologist (fertility doctor) at the right time is very essential.

  • Under 35 and healthy

If you are under 35 then you can wait for one year because you get medical help. In most cases, it is seen that it takes around 12 months for a young couple to conceive. Our doctors usually recommend to patients that they should try to get pregnant when they are in their 20s and 30s. If you visit the doctor then make sure you should not be using birth control for 12 months. Just keep in mind that the conception is very delicate so everything should be managed properly.

  • Over 35 and healthy

In this case, wait for 6 months to conceive naturally. This is true at this point the fertility starts declining. It happens because the egg quality and quantity starts declining after the age of 35. If not, then getting medical advice is the best choice to know if there is any problem with fertility.

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  • Over 40

The patients who are over the age of 40 should not wait for long and get help right away is essential. At this point, the chances reduce a lot. Not only this, the chances of miscarriage is very high. According to reports, it has been seen that around 50% of women at 40 contain several abnormal chromosomes. In that case, you need fertility treatment which will help the patient to conceive.

  • BMI is very low or high

Your weight also makes a lot of difference when you are trying to conceive. This is because if your weight is not normal then it will affect the hormones and reproductive functioning. The BMI under 18 or over 30 increase the risk of infertility and during pregnancy there are complications in pregnancy also. If you are not sure how to check it then consult the Gynaecologist as they will give you the information on this. Make sure your body weight is normal as it will naturally increase your chances of conception.

  • Having weird symptoms

In some cases, the women are having certain symptoms like pelvic pain, abnormal period, or absence of period. In case you are having any of these symptoms or any other which are not normal then get medical help as soon as possible.