Snubbing Male Infertility Only Compromises Human Existence

What are the causes and treatment of male infertility

For so long, women have been blamed for infertility issues and this fact is made worse when backed by cultural beliefs and the so-called stigma. Aren’t women humans just like men? So, why do we head along with the so-called outdated stigmas? According to the latest study, mainly focusing on reproduction, findings indicate that male infertility takes up 37% when it comes to reproduction barriers. Male infertility won’t be eliminated as long as women are seen as a child factory.

What Couples Must Know!

Just like women, men also have a biological clock, but as it ticks, many men are taken up in their career aspects and certainly involved in a reckless lifestyle. As a result, eyes turn to women as though they are the main players when it comes to reproduction.

In a study conducted in 2017, it was found that sperm counts among western males had declined over the past 40 years. The study also indicated that one in twenty men suffers from low sperm count. The study mainly focused on childbearing males and researchers also stressed that men around the world aren’t spared since there are various factors that can lead to male infertility directly or indirectly.

Researchers explain that men too have a biological clock. Just as a woman’s chance of producing viable ages reduces with age, men’s sperm quality also declines with age. In this case, a male will find it had to help a woman conceive in case the sperm is weak or having motility issues. Similarly, a child’s chances of contracting a genetic disease escalate with an increase in a male’s (father’s) age.

Unlike men, women have been aware of their reproduction calls and certainly more open about menopause. Cases of unexplained infertility that are at times genetically triggered are seen as the main hurdle when it comes to female reproduction, otherwise, a healthy and properly ovulating woman can easily conceive without any medical intervention. Other well-known infertility factors such as tubal issues, premature ovarian failure, endometriosis and PIDs have excellently been scrutinized and there are a variety of treatment approaches to help a woman conceive. However, men also have a major role to play since a woman can’t get pregnant without sperms.

Common Reasons for Male Infertility

Male infertility causes had earlier been categorised under sperm production issues or transportation issues. Latest research shows that age is another crucial factor that determines a man’s ability to facilitate conception. In the modern era, a number of factors can trigger male infertility, an issue that basically revolves around sperms. Medical conditions can easily cause ejaculation problems in reproductive men, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, can easily lead to reduced sperm counts, whereas exposure to toxic chemicals, high temperatures, and genetic traits can trigger an abnormal sperm morphology.