Some Facts about Postmenopausal Pregnancy


After menopause hormonal changes happens in the body and also some emotional stress appear in the women after menopause so it is considered as the difficult time for the woman as after that no hope remains for the own baby.

But medical science has made this fact false as after menopause also there is possibility to conceive for woman

Can Pregnancy Occur After Menopause?

After menopause it is not possible to conceive by natural means but science has made it possible with the procedure like IVF. After menopause women have only 100 or less egg remain out of 1-2 million with which they born. Even the eggs after the age of 40s do not remain of good quality.

So after menopause women can get pregnant with the donor eggs and even with own remaining healthy eggs with the help of procedure IVF. Thousands of cases have been seen of women getting pregnant after menopause with this procedure

Potential Risks For After Menopause Pregnancy

However technology and the advanced procedures like IVF has made it possible for the women get pregnant even after age of 50s but still there can be risks for pregnancy in later age of life like

  • There can be some health risks in the later age and patients with some diseases like weak metabolism, weak heart, medical illness lead to more pregnancy complications
  • More chances for miscarriage or birth abnormalities

However all these risks largely depends on the health condition of patient, diet, routine, power and choice of IVF expert and even these risks can be minimized with the proper medical care and best treatment.

 Things To Keep In Mind While Postmenopausal Pregnancy

  • Decision must be taken with the advice of IVF experts, family, friends and relatives and patient must make up her mind about the importance of having own baby in the later age of life
  • Females must be aware about the entire IVF process so they must read blogs, articles and books related to post menopausal pregnancy to know about positive and negative facts associated with the process
  • Choose the best IVF doctor and keep in mind that it is science not any magical stunt so be prepare for possible negative facts