Test Tube Babies: A Blessing In The Medical Field For Infertile Couples

Test tube baby Center in Punjab

Infertility is not only a medical condition but is also a social stigma. It ruins the lives of people and their relationships. The orthodox thinking of society has made it hard for people to overcome it. Discoursing about such topics seems taboo, which creates a barrier for the couple to find a solution without feeling embarrassed.

But with time and advancement in the medical field. The doctors have made it possible for them to overcome such issues; it has also opened a gate for people to accept this gradually. There is still a lot to go, but it is an excellent start.

The solution to such a problem is a test-tube baby. The term was initially coined in the year 1978 in England. It is also known as ART (assisted reproductive technique), and it includes treatment like IVF, IUI, and many more in an IVF Centre in Punjab.

What Is Test Tube Bay Treatment?

It is a general term used for IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) treatment. In this procedure, the woman’s egg is retrieved with a less invasive tool and then infused with the sperm in the laboratory for fertilization. After the fertilization is done, with some days, the embryo is placed back in the on for further natural childbirth. It is like a dream solution for those struggling to conceive biologically with no assistance.

In Which Situation Can A Patient Undergo A Test-Tube Baby Procedure?

It is generally for women who have issues conceiving and are infertile. These are some reasons why the Best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana would diagnose and suggest going ahead with the test tube procedure.

  • When the woman has a damaged fallopian tube, the sperm can not reach the eggs effectively.
  • When the woman cannot form an adequate amount of eggs for fertilization. In short, when the ovulation is missing.
  • When the woman suffers from premature ovarian failure.
  • When the woman has symptoms of Endometriosis.

Steps Of The Test-Tube Baby Procedure

Step 1

With the help of hormone therapy, the doctor increases the growth of follicles inside the women’s bodies. They inject certain hormones, including GnRHAaand Gonadotropins, to enhance egg production.

Step 2

The doctor retrieves or fetches the eggs from the ovaries in the second step. It can be a bit painful experience that the doctor prescribes sedatives during the process. The harvested eggs are then taken to the lab.

 Step 3

On the very day when the women’s eggs are fetched, the doctor instructs the partner to provide a fresh sample of semen to continue the method.

Step 4

After both the eggs and the sperm are taken and kept in the lab, they are mixed in a Petri-Dish and are retained in an incubator for some days for fertilization.

Step 5

This is the last step, wherein the embryo is placed back in the uterus; this process is done once the fertilization occurs in the lab.